Let your Romance become Devotion

April 24, 2014


In today's (23rd April 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke about 'Making Advaitha Happen In You'. He clearly stated that any powerlessness is rooted in violence and that it is possible to complete with it all. He went on to explain that romance is feeling oneness without logically knowing why you feel oneness and devotion is experiencing oneness knowing clearly that your logic does not need to be answered so you are established in that oneness forever. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Today, it is all about making Advaitha happen in you. First thing, listen, any powerlessness, any type of powerlessness is rooted in violence. Please listen, please listen, the first statement, because from this only I am going to guide you. Any type of powerlessness is rooted in violence. Listen! I asked you to work on your authentic identity and your incompletions. As I said, if you say, "all-knowing", being "all-knowing" is your identity, the authentic identity you want to have, you have to complete with your ignorance. It is possible! Ignorance is just one blanket which you pulled upon you just to feel cosy. Understand, ignorance is one blanket which you pulled upon you just to feel cosy. Completing once for all with all ignorance is possible. Omnipresent, Omniscient; means, being present everywhere, being powerful. Please listen, I am not promoting superstitiousness, I am promoting a science! Completing with all this is possible! The last few days I am studying very intensely the book called "Zen Brain". And there is one more book, "Human Brain". Because, this Varanasi, the initiations are going to be really, really, really intense and powerful. I am not going to be touching just the Ajna Chakra, I will be handling many more brain centres. Just by touching the different points in the brain itself, all the seven chakras can be intensely awakened! You will actually see an energy drama, energy display, energy magic show in Varanasi, Kashi! So, I was studying about this awakening the non-mechanical parts of the brain through Kundalini Shakthi. See, I have the knowledge and science energy. I was just working on the exact, precise points from where the operating -- "operating" does not mean the physical -- the energy is possible and highly efficient. I also found out many important discoveries, important truths about the brain. People who have a deep self-sympathy, victim mentality, will always have pain in the back of the head. They will always suffer with pain in this area (back of the head). Anything they see, they will feel, 'He is trying to cheat me! He is trying to abuse me! He is trying to take advantage of me!' The person whose non-mechanical parts of the brain is fully awakened, alive, anything he sees, he feels romantic! Please listen, don't disrespect romance by associating it with lust and marriage. When you associate romance with lust, you misuse it. When you associate romance with marriage, you abuse it. Listen! I am defining that word completely. Romance is the experience of oneness without knowing logically why you feel that oneness. Whenever I come down to have morning satsangh, there are two trees outside my quarters. If my car is standing there, they will never miss dropping a few flowers on my car. If my car is not there, they know exactly the way I will walk; in my pathway, exactly in front of my eyes, a few will be there. That flower, if it just falls, it can never be in my pathway, because the plants are not near my pathway. They are a few feet away. But somehow they will bend and drop the flowers where I am walking, on exactly my pathway! Not only that, the way they will be standing, both (bowing down with respect)! Much more than dedicated devotees! They may be just plants, but both their Sahasrara is fully awakened! They see everything in life as romance, understand? Romance is the experience of oneness, without even your logic knowing why you are feeling that oneness. If you try to legalize your romance, you will destroy it. The effort to physicalize your romance is Lust. The effort to legalize your romance is Marriage. Don't physicalize it. You will lose it. But "consciousize" it! Means, convert that romance to devotion. Devotion means -- I am defining the word "Devotion" -- devotion means, experiencing oneness with the Cosmos knowing very clearly your logic does not need to be answered or convinced about this oneness. Romance is experiencing oneness without knowing why you are experiencing it logically.

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