Let your Workship and Worship be Infinite Brahman

August 15, 2016


Paramahamsa Nithyananda decodes the verse 5th of Kena Upanishad, which shows us the goal of life. Our worship and work should be shipped i.e. ‘WORKSHIP’ towards the highest Infinite, which is Brahman. Many times, the later part this verse is mis-interpreted by atheists, agnostics that the idols of Gods and Goddess should not be worshipped being the limited objects. But this is not what is the meaning of this verse. Swamiji thunders, “Listen. When Upanishad says - viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate – it means: don’t keep finite limited objects as goal of your life, don’t be in love with them. Many time, you will be worshipping Deities, but you will be in love with wealth, name and fame. Here the word UPĀSATE, I will translate as – what ‘people keep as their goal, and worship and cherish here as their limited, finite object..” “Speech cannot illumine Brahman, Sadāshiva. Mind cannot illumine Sadāshiva, vāk (speech) cannot illumine Sadashiva, visualization cannot illumine Sadashiva. Then, why vāk, why vizualization, why mind? Because if you start seeing the Source of vāk, mind, vizualization, what illuminates vāk, what illuminates vizualization, what illuminates mind, you will find the Brahman. Don’t see where I am showing, see WHO AM I.” Today’s subject for Vākyartha Sadas is – WORKSHIP and WORSHIP. What you WORKSHIP, what you worship? In this two, is there anything finite, or both are infinite. Because that is going to be the important decision. Your workship and worship should be infinite, if they are infinite, you are already the favorite inheritor of the Cosmos. yad-vācānabhyuditaṁ yena vāgabhyudyate tadeva brahma tvaṁ viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate || 5 || That, which speech does not illumine or reveal, but by which the speech [vācā] is illumined or revealed and expressed—you must know That alone as Brahman, the Absolute existence, and not what people worship and cherish here as this finite, limited object.

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