Let's Celebrate Shiva!

February 27, 2014


27th February, 2014 Morning Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda Mahashivaratri The day mahadev assumed the fomr from His formless space Mahadev existeternally - but on this day , he entered into the space from form to formlessness. He created Brahma and Vishnu . Just to resolve the conflict between these two , Mahadev resumed this form. Actually worshipping Mahadev is impossible. He is not outlaw , He is the source of the laws but can never be bound by any law. You cannot worship, you can only join His team and celebrate His existence - By realising him in you. Concept of Prayer -- contribution of Abrahamic Religion . Having the right context / introduction about you to you - Shiva Bhakta - " Shivoham " In shaivism , your initiation starts with great truth " Shivoham " only Vedic tradition can declare - " even the concept of god is a stepping stone for Enlightenment - non dualistic state" Today is the day everyone of us should decide to join Mahadeva's team. Even your worship is worthy when you give a right introduction about you to you . Mahadeva who resides in Nithya Poornatva - Complete Completion. Joining His team is the real celebration Mahadev - Embodiment of Liberated Thinking Worship from the context of experiencing Him, celebrating Him. Whatever you do today - do it from the context of celebrating Him & joining His team. That He has happened in your life, that He has introduced Himself in your life. Essence: You can only celebrate His presence and join his team. Celebrate his presence and join His team. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Today, Mahashivaratri! The day Mahadeva assumed form from his formless space! Mahadeva exists eternally. But, on this day, he entered into the space of form from formless. He created Brahma and Vishnu, empowered Brahma to create, Vishnu to maintain; he continued to remain the formless space. But, when there was a conflict between these two (Brahma and Vishnu), he has to resolve the conflict. So, to resolve the conflict between these two, on this very day of Mahashivaratri, Mahadeva assumed the form which can be perceived by Brahma and Vishnu. So, just to resolve the conflict between these two, Mahadeva assumed the form. Actually, you cannot worship Mahadeva! Worshipping Mahadeva is impossible! Please understand, he is beyond all the concept of time, space, form, formless....everything! He is beyond! He is not an outlaw. Some people are trying to project him as an outlaw. He is not an outlaw. He is beyond law, "out" law. He is the source of the laws, who can never be bound by any law. He is beyond the laws, understandings, principles. You can never worship him! You can only join his team by realizing him in you. Understand, you can only join his team. Based on the various levels of understanding, you can become a Shiva Gana, Shiva Bhoota. When Shiva Ganas, Shiva Bhootas celebrate the existence of Mahadeva, outsiders think Shiva Ganas and Shiva Bhootas are worshipping Mahadeva. Please understand, you can never worship Mahadeva; you can only join his team and celebrate his existence! See, this concept of "prayer" is the contribution of the Abrahamic religions. The Vedic Tradition starts with giving the right context of you to you. Please understand, getting into the right context of you to you, getting into the right understanding of you to you, getting the right introduction of you to you, having the right context about you to you is what I define as "Shiva Bhakta", Shiva's follower. Please listen! Having the right context about you! Only a devotee of Mahadeva or follower of Mahadeva can declare "Shivoham" -- "I am Shiva"! There is no tradition where you declare "I am Narayana"! No! "Narayanoham" mantra does not exist! In the other religions, if you tell you are God, you will be killed! At least in the Hindu religion sampradayas, you will not be killed; you will be tolerated as some other Hindu sampradaya. But, in other religions, you will be killed if you say you are God. But in Shaiva Tradition, in Shaivism, your initiation starts with the great truth: "Shivoham"! Mahadeva, only Mahadeva can celebrate making more and more Mahadevas! Only he celebrates by making more and more Mahadevas! He does not introduce you to you as a sinner or a slave or a follower. In Shaiva Tradition you are introduced yourself to yourself as Mahadeva, Shiva. The best introduction you can get about you to you is from Shaiva Tradition. I tell you, worship can be tolerated if it inspires you to experience the non-dualistic state, the Advaitic state. Worship can be tolerated if it inspires you to evolve to the level of Shivoham.

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