Life is Mahabharata

July 6, 2014


In today's (6th July, 2014) Morning Satsang Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on the Science of Completion. He explained how breakthrough decisions happen during completion and the decisions you make in completion are the basis of the growth of consciousness. If you don't discover your patterns and complete and continue entertaining powerlessness life destroys you. Only your decision to complete and live in completion authentically is rewarded. He strongly advised us all to complete every night before sleep and make completion more important in our life than breathing. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with My love and respects. Today I wanted to expand on the Science of Completion, as Nithya Dhyaan Yoga second day is happening. Please understand as time, when you spend on Completion, is the time your consciousness is growing. Please understand, the time you spend in your mother's womb is the time your body got created. Same way, the time you spend in the Master's Presence, your consciousness gets created. After your body is created, the time you spent by eating, resting, maintaining the body, makes your body grow. Same way, after the initiation here, the time you spend in Completion makes your consciousness grow. Listen, listen. Spend as much time as possible in the space of Completion! Because Completion is the time you make new decisions to have a breakthrough in your life! Please understand, Completion is the time you make breakthrough decisions in your life. When you make and cherish those breakthrough decisions, your Kundalini energy is awakened and finds it's way to fulfill you, complete you. Neither your actions towards money, nor your actions towards your health, or your actions to have joy in relationships or your actions to have bliss in spirituality, no action will give result unless the action is from the Context of Completion! Understand, breathing itself cannot keep you alive if you cannot separate oxygen from the air and digest it into your system. Actions itself cannot make what you want into reality unless you can make the decisions out of Completion! Come to the Completion. Bring yourself to the Completion. I am seeing everyday more and more I am getting convinced, every devotee, thanedar, kothari, mahant or sri mahant, whoever, I am seeing every day, I am seeing their life in and out, seeing their mind in and out, all types of people I am meeting, I am telling you, more and more I am realizing, it is Completion, decisions you make during Completion, that is the basis of conscious growth! That is the basis of life. More and more people spend time in the space of Completion, completing with their impossibilities, tirelessly, who are completing with their impossibilities, tirelessly who are completing with their self hatred, tirelessly people who are completing with their self denial, with their self doubt, life is only for them! Life is only for them! I tell you, life is only for the people who start thinking, living Advaitha! Who start thinking Living in the Space of Completion! I tell you, I am revealing the logic of Kaalabhairava to you. The logic of Kaalabhairava is the logic with which life is operated, understand? None of your questions life cares about, you go on asking questions, why good people suffer bad people flourish, all those questions are from your arrogance; life will not care about your questions, life will not care about your stupid rationality, life will not care about your illogical logic. Kaala, He goes on happening! He goes on happening with this one logic, understand? Just with this one logic, the decisions made out of Completion fulfills you and whatever decisions you make out of Completion becomes reality in you! It is your decision, your courage to be in the Space of Completion, only that is rewarded. The more you try to cheat life, with your hypocrisy, life does not just cheats you back, it beats you back, understand? The soft, goodie-goodie, hypocritical, civilized fellows go on questioning the terror form of Kali and Kaala. Whether you question or don't question, the logic of the Kala is Life! He runs the life! His logic wins! His will prevails. Understand? I am revealing the logic with which Kaala is functioning, logic with which Kaalabhairava functions. Out of Completion from powerfulness, every decision you make, every action you do, every thought you have is fulfilled! From the space of Completion, when you operate, you are fulfilled, blessed, showered and Completion is possible! But more and more you struggle saying "I am not able to Complete," because of your laziness to intra-analyze your incompletions, discover your incompletions, discover your patterns, because of your arrogance,

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