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February 12, 2015


Today’s (12th February, 2015) Morning Satsang continues with the Upanishads Series - Living Advaita. Isha Upanishad–Verse 2 kurvann eveha karmāṇi jijīviṣec chataṁ samāḥ| evaṁ tvayi nānyatheto ‘sti na karma lipyate nare || 2 || In this profound delivery of the Isha Upanishad, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes the major differences between soft power and hard power or spiritual power and political power. By understanding these two, greater insights into society and life are gained. Living and commanding our lives with soft power, erases our karmas; it is about deciding for life - inspiring, liberating and enlightening. TRANSCRIPTS:- Let me enter into the Upanishads. Ishavasya Upanishad, the second verse: कुर्वन्नेवेह कर्माणि जिजीविषेच्छत्ग्ण् समाः | एवं त्वयि नान्यथेतोऽस्ति न कर्म लिप्यते नरे ॥ kurvanneveha karmaaNi jijeeviShechChathgN^ samaaH | evaM thvayi naanyaThethoaAsthi na karma lipyathe nare || “One should desire to live in this world for hundreds of years, all the while doing his deeds dispassionately as sanctioned by the scriptures. In this way, the deeds done by you shall not cling to you. There is no other way by which a man can free himself from the bondage created by the deeds.” Listen! Let me explain what is “Karma”. “Karma” is the bondage created in you by your commission or omission of certain acts which is incomplete with your own cognition about life. Listen! If you think money is life, some of the acts you did which didn’t bring money to you, or some of the acts you did not do, again which deprived you from money, commission or omission of certain acts which is incomplete with your concept of life, is “Karma”. And, any commission or omission of the acts which is in sync and complete with your concept of life does not bring you any Karma. It does not bring you any incompletion. Commission or omission of acts which brings incompletion with your concept of life is “Karma”. Now, how will you liberate yourself from this Karma, free yourself from this Karma? I tell you, when you decide FOR life, when your core decides FOR life, automatically your laziness disappears, your boredom disappears. Again and again and again, tirelessly standing up, tirelessly standing up, listen, tirelessly standing up! Listen, tirelessly standing up again and again! कुर्वन्नेवेह कर्माणि जिजीविषेच्छत्ग्ण् समाः | kurvanneveha karmaaNi jijeeviShechChathgN^ samaaH | Deciding to live, again and again, tirelessly standing up, again and again, naturally aligns all your acts into the concept of life you carry. So, all your commission and omission of the acts align themselves to the idea of life you the idea of life you have. So, your commission and omission of acts become complete with the idea of life you have. That’s all! Actually, only this one line can solve the issue, the problem, question people have: ‘Why the bad people are so rich, good people are so poor, bad people are so healthy, good people are having disease? Listen! Listen! Whether you are good or bad is going to be decided based on whether your acts are complete with your concept of life. Understand, if your concept of life is all about pleasure and money, and your acts are complete with it, you will have that. That’s all! There is nobody to judge whether money is the ultimate purpose of life. Forget about that! God is not a judge, please understand. He only sees the kind of Completion you are carrying. And, ultimately, he does not even see that. It is an automated mechanism as far as the functioning goes on. So, listen, “if he wants he can interfere” does not mean he goes on interfering. No! So, be very clear, God is not sitting and doing some judgement, passing some judgements about you every day – ‘Oh, this fellow, all the time running behind money! Let me punish him!’ No! In course of time, whenever you are deciding constantly FOR LIFE, you yourself may realize there is something more prior, you should give more priority, more importance, than money. You may evolve. LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/

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