Listening Awakens your Intution

May 8, 2013


In today's morning satsang, Paramahama Nithyananda inaugurates the 17th Inner Awakening at His Bidadi ashram. He launches His program with a special talk on the mystical dimensions of listening. When our inner space is filled with incompleted concerns we cannot listen to anyone, even to ourselves. Once we declare with intention to be complete, true listening begins. Through our new awareness and attention, our senses sharpen and our intuition awakens. We discover deeper truths beyond audible sounds and achieve nirogya -- the state of well-being beyond simple health. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today's subject for the Nithya Satsangh is: LISTENING AND SAMADHI. How 'listening' can directly enter into your system and make you experience Samadhi. Listen! When you are completely authentic to who you are; Let me describe Authenticity. You have three parts in your life: · One, what you feel as you; · How you project yourself to others; and · How others feel about you. List all the three separate, separate: · Column 1: How I feel about me. · Column 2: How I project me to you, to the world. · Column 3: How the world wants me. This is the three column. In this three, pick up the peaks and make it into reality. That is Authenticity. Understand, in this three column of qualities, how you feel about you, how you project yourself to others, and how others expect you; please understand, when you define with integrity how you feel about you, the qualities you feel about you, you use to define you, and the qualities you use to project to others, and the qualities others expect from you, when you list out all these three separate, separate, you will know which one is your peak. Bring yourself to the peak. That is Authenticity. Understand, that is "Authenticity". You need to understand, when you are in Authenticity, when you are practicing Authenticity authentically, your whole inner space will be so alive! Just listening, you will reach to the depth of you; you will experience the depth of you! Just by listening! Even now look inside you. Find, is there any incompletions? Is there any restlessness? If there is a restlessness inside you, incompletions inside you now, you will not be able to listen. Whenever you listen to you, you listen to others! When you don't listen to others, you don't listen to you also! Get it! Get it! When you don't listen to you, you don't listen to others! When you don't listen to others, you don't listen to you! Listen to you and listen to others. Only when you listen to you now first and see, you are in completion, you are complete, you can listen to others. If there is incompletions inside -- 'I have not done this', 'I have not done that', 'This has not happened', 'That has not happened', 'I am restless' -- if you have incompletions inside, be very clear, you will not listen to me! You may be sitting here out of compulsion, some other reason; but you will not listen to me! When you don't listen, more and more incompletions happen. Listen! It is like now because you are incomplete, you don't listen. Because you are here and don't listen, this satsang becomes one more incompletion in you! But if you start listening, this very satsang will lead you to ultimate completion! What do you need for completion? Listen to yourself! If your inner space tells you, you are in completion or incompletion, restless, whatever, tell yourself, 'I declare completion now! If there is some incompletion, I will come and handle you after the satsang. Please wait where I left my shoes! Now I am complete! I am going to listen! I am going to listen!' How many of you are cognizing what I am saying? How many of you are ready to declare now that you are complete? Alright! Now close your eyes, tell yourself, 'I am complete! I drop all the incompletions once for all! I keep them all out of my inner space!' Declare completion! 'I am complete! I am listening! Listening! Listening!' You can open your eyes. Decide to LISTEN! Continuously listening! When you listen authentically, you do not need separate meditation practice, kriya, anything for enlightenment. Why do you need any kriya? Just to change the words you utter towards you. You constantly utter, "I am bound! I am bound! I am powerless! I am bound! I am powerless!" All kriya, all sadhana, all spiritual practice is just to break that and make you tell "I am free! I am powerful! I am enlightened!" That's all! If you listen, especially words coming out of completion, you will suddenly see, that very words go and change, just change your inner space! If you listen completely, even if the other person is in incompletion, you will find that out! Your space of completion will find it! 'Hey, this guy is in incompletion! His space is in incompletion!' And you will know how to help him to be complete! In Zen tradition, Vedic tradition, Tantric traditions, these three traditions use the power of sound.

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