Listening is Eternal Romance With Life

over 9 years ago


6th March, 2014 Morning Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. With a lot of expectation and hope about Inner Awakening-Haridwar, you have all gathered. I won't disappoint you guys! I will deliver more than you expect! This time it is going to be a real, real, real something new experiential, because we are in the breathing space of Ganga and Parvatha Raja, Hima Raja! Today I am going to expand on "LISTENING", because, with listening, the Inner Awakening starts! And from today, for the next twenty-one days, the morning satsangh will be part of the Inner Awakening. So I will answer your questions, clarify your doubts related to Inner Awakening. In this way, all the Inner Awakening participants will also feel the satsangh time is not wasted, it is part of your program; and the devotees, disciples all over the world who are watching the satsangh, they will also get the essence of the Inner Awakening. So, both purposes will be solved. One, you won't feel this time is separate from your routine, that it is not fitting with your program; you will feel it is part of your program. I will be attending to the same Inner Awakening subjects in this morning satsangh. That is one. Second, the devotees, disciples, satsanghis, visitors, viewers who are watching the satsangh every day will also feel that the essence of the Inner Awakening session they received through this morning satsangh. Today I will start with "LISTENING"! Please listen! Whether you understand or not, experience or not, believe or not, you are nothing but "word"! Understand! Please listen! You are nothing but "word"! You are just nothing but a word you create inside you about you, about the world, about everything. The word you create inside you about you, about others, about everything, you are just that, please understand! Vivekananda says very beautifully, while speaking in the West he says very jovially, 'In our country, even if we want to become rich, we don't go to the market and work. We don't go to the market-place. We just go and sit under a tree or inside a cave and start chanting some words...and we become rich!' Please understand, how much ever you logically analyze, it will not fit. You will think, 'If I go and sit in the Himalayas in one cave and just start chanting, chanting, chanting, chanting, will I become rich?' Please understand, I am not the guy who will spread superstitious things, and I don't speak illogical things. I am not an atheist to speak superstitious things! I am not a so-called irrational rationalist! India is full of them! India has more number of so-called irrational rationalists than the number of rats! In the field of mind, psychology, they are saying you observe, internalize only 2% of what is happening around you! If there are hundred pieces of information, means visual, sound, if hundred pieces of information are happening around you, you internalize only two! So, please listen! The truth of you, the source of you is not what you hear, but what you listen! Step-by-step, I am leading you to the next, next principles. The first principle I want you to listen, internalize is, whatever......... Participating with life without tiredness or boredom, the best way to participate with life without tiredness or boredom is "listening"! I tell you, other than listening, any other participation will make you tired and bored. Whether it is seeing or smelling or tasting or the touch pleasure........... Understand, the word you listen becomes the source of the words you utter towards you and others. And, especially the words you listen from the source of the source becomes the source of the words you utter towards you and others! You have the opportunity for the next twenty-one days to listen from the source! As I said, these words are so powerful, it has caused so many auspicious things to so many people! It has caused Kundalini awakening to so many people, materialized so many things for so many people! You have an amazing opportunity to listen to that source! I think, just the word, when they listen, see the power of those words! Let the Kundalini Shakthi in you all be intensely awakened! Let your body and mind experience the Kundalini Shakthi and respond to this listening! (The moment Swamiji uttered these words, many people watching the satsangh from all over the world start levitating, their bodies rocking and rolling!) See the power of these words! What is happening in North Carolina, in London, in Dubai, in New Mexico, in Tiruvanmiyur, in Seattle, in Talahassee! Understand, the word, the word, the word is not just the word as you think.

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