Listening to yourself is completion

August 29, 2014


In today’s (26th August, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on Listening and completion. He explained that your consciousness, your existence is eternal and does not need protection. The more you listen the more you are complete. Everything must be done from the right context to be in completion. Withdrawl from self-doubt, depression and desperation is adharmic. TRANSCRIPTS:- I will expand on LISTENING and COMPLETION. How many times I speak on this great subject, LISTENING, how many ever times I speak, I feel I have something more to convey, I have something more to convey, I have something more to convey! So, today, I will try to expand on this great subject, COMPLETION. Please listen! By your very nature, your consciousness, your existence is immortal. It cannot get destroyed. It cannot lose any of its glory. It cannot lose any of its attributes, powers. It can neither be damaged nor be destroyed. Even if you carry the desperate fear, anxiety, anger, even your desperation cannot make your consciousness lose its glory, its existence, its immortality. But, unfortunately, when you start believing that you are mortal, you can be disturbed, you can be damaged, you can be harassed, you can be abused, you can be killed, you can lose some of your original qualities, physically or psychologically, when this belief settles in your system, that survival instinct, the instinct to protect yourself which becomes the basic root cognition of you, the survival instinct which is awakened in you, please listen, that is the first aggression in your system, primary aggression. Primary aggression goes on speaking, never listening. It goes on acts, never receives. The primary aggression that you have to do something to save yourself, protect yourself, Oh God, that is the biggest joke, tamasha. The frightened child thinks he needs to protect the whole world which cannot be destroyed. In this whole situation, there is only one thing that can be destroyed, that is the frightened child. But the child is so intelligent, he doesn't say he is waging the war to protect himself, he says he is waging the war to protect the whole world which is not going to be destroyed! He doesn't want to believe..... Please listen! The frightened child, he wants to protect himself; but if he says openly that he wants to protect himself, that looks too cheap, too selfish. So he wants to look good to the onlooker. So he says, No, no, I am waging the war to protect the whole world! Fool! The world is not going to be destroyed! Only you are going to be destroyed! Same way, your consciousness, YOU, you are immortal; but your agitated, desperate mind goes on telling you and everyone that it is fighting continuously to save your consciousness, to save you, to protect you. In you, only one thing can be killed; that is your desperation your desperate mind, your agitation, and your aggression. Other than that, nothing needs to be killed, nothing can be killed! Nothing needs to be killed, nothing can be killed. Na jaayathey mriyathey vaa kadhaachith Jnaayam bhoothvaa bhavithaa vaa na bhooyaha | Ajo nithyaha shaashvathoyam puraano Na hanyathey hanyamaaney shareerey || It is not born, nor does it die; It is not that having been non-existent it comes into existence; It is unborn, eternal, ancient and ever-lasting; Though associated with the body, it does not get killed even when the body is killed. Second Chapter, twentieth verse of the Bhagavad Gita. Please understand, I am quoting the Bhagavad Gita not because these lines are just Krishna's experience, but because these lines are my own experience too! I am not trying to hide myself behind Krishna's authority. I am declaring these words are true. Reason one: Krishna said it. Reason two: My experience. Understand, it is not only Krishna's authority, but my own authenticity. Both stand for these words truth. Both stand to prove these verses are true. Please listen! The desperation, the idea you need to defend something, protect something, that aggression, because of that aggression in your inner-space, you go on being active. Please understand, aggression in your inner-space is you talking to you. Receptivity in your inner-space is you listening to you. I can just define two of the major principles in one line. Please listen! You talking to you is always incompletion. You listening to you is always Completion. That's all! You talking to you means, are you associating yourself with the dimension which is talking to you, or the dimension which is listening to you. As on now, both actions are happening. Your inner-space is like Mahabharata war-field. That is why..... Listen! Listen! Duryodhana all the time shouting, aggressive;

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