Live Advaitha in Your Doing

August 3, 2014


In today’s (27th July, 2014) morning satsang from Hardwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on Advaitha, the non-dual space lived in being and doing. He told us that a glimpse of Advaitha is easy because it is being in the space of advaitha. We need to live advaitha in all our doing, in our job, career, relationships and every aspect of our life. SDHD eats away your experience of advaitha and must not be allowed in your system. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Today I wanted to expand on Oneness, Advaitha, the non-dual space, “being” and “doing”, in both establishing yourself in the non-dual space of Advaitha. Listen! Please listen! The non-dual space, the Advaitha needs to be lived in “being” and “doing”. It is one of the most unfortunate thing that some of the traditions, the spiritual traditions, have given so much of importance to being in Advaitha, but they forget that as long as the human body is alive, there will be “doing” also. When the process, methodology, technique for “doing” without disturbing being in Advaitha is not established, people lose the Advaithic space, understand? Today morning, when she was of our Inner Awakening participants, she described that the non-dual space, oneness happened, staying for weeks and weeks and weeks. Not for any brand-promotion or pride I am telling you, only an Inner Awakening participant can enjoy that space and experience that space, because, she was telling that ‘I went through all types of techniques, methods, gurus, places, meditated; but it never happened!’ Even if it happens, it will only bring a glimpse of being in Advaitha. When your whole body is arrested, mind is arrested, you can have a glimpse of that light; that’s all. But, not just being in Advaitha, being even while you are doing in Advaitha, only becomes Samadhi. Being, even while you are doing in the space of Advaitha, only becomes Samadhi! That happens only when the Master trains you to experience Advaitha in all aspects, in all dimensions of your life, various dimensions of your life! You are not just the body. Body is one dimension of you. You are not just the mind. Mind is one dimension of you. Whatever you call as “life” – mostly your lifestyle only is called as “life”: the way you eat, the way you dress, the way you house yourself, the way you act and react; your lifestyle – your lifestyle is one of the dimensions of you, and all the relationships you have, all your related people, how people relate with you, infusing Advaitha even in your relationships, in your lifestyle, the way you react and respond to life, the way you react and respond to relationships, the way you react and respond to crisis in your life, the way you react and respond to the survival threats, the way you react and respond to life in every dimension, everything, everything, you need to be established in Advaitha, you need to be in the space of Advaitha. Be in the space of Advaitha. Just giving you the glimpse of being in Advaitha does not take me more than ten minutes! By the eleventh minute I can put anybody, by the eleventh minute I can put anybody, I can say, within eleven minutes I can put anybody in the space of Advaitha in being! But “being”, unfortunately, becomes only one part of you. You are clouded, corrupted so much – I don’t even want to use the word “corrupted”; I may want to use the word “polluted”. “Corruption” is more like knowingly doing; “pollution” is more like imposed on you – polluted so much with so many things, just being in Advaitha is not going to make you live enlightenment. Being in Advaitha, even when you are “doing”, only that is going to make it happen. Only that is going to make it happen! Jeevan Mukthi is possible only then! It is how Rahu and Kethu eat the Sun and the Moon. You need to know, these modern-day so-called “space researchers” and astronomers are saying..... See, in Indian astrology, Rahu and Kethu eat the Sun and the Moon. But all these modern astronomers go on abusing us saying, ‘No, no, no, no, there is no Rahu and Kethu eats the Moon and the Sun. It is there as it is. Only the shadow of the Earth falls on the Moon, or the shadow of the Moon falls on the Earth; that is what is eclipse.’ Please understand, these modern-day astronomers, they may know the “mass” – planets. Even that they are not very clear. But, in our Vedic tradition, we never considered the “mass” – planets – as “grahas”. The influence of those planets only we called as “grahas”.

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