Live Simple and Become Shiva - Nithyananda Morning Satsang 6 Jan 11

January 7, 2011


"By nature you are pleased with simple things, you are Bhole Baba (Shiva) ! "I tell you, retain the beauty of Bhole Baba in your life, retain the quality of Ashudosha (easily pleased) in your life, you will be living with Shiva Consciousness." says Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Rare Avatar and Enlightened Master. In this another remarkable satsang/discourse, Paramahamsa Nithyananda dealt with answering questions from devotees and disciples across the world and in the process opened out the whole science of living in Ignorance and practicing Sadhana by 'being Shiva by just living in simplicity', learning from different states of past, present and future. When asked about the overlapping states in different chakras, with each chakra holding up to 21 engrams only, Paramahamsa Nithyananda answered with the truth that most of us are stuck in Vissuddhi chakra (at throat center -- signifying jealousy and comparison), where the present is pregnant or poisoned with past or future. We are not enjoying the 'Pure Present'. He also added that, "Yes, you are just 21 engrams away from the present. I am saying each chakra holds only 21 max. Some of your centers may hold only 5 or 6. You are max 21 engrams away from Enlightenment. But, we going into a seemingly endless loop recreating engrams in the same state -- that is what is the sad part." Then, Nithyananda shared a very important understanding, a click, the sad part and the big problem to experience the 'pure present' is in 'not deciding': "It is not even living in the present, deciding to live in the present. We are not deciding. Somehow we have a very deep vested interest to be casual. We don't trust the restful awareness can give rest. We always tend to believe rest means forgetting things, being irresponsible. Please understand, awareness, trying to live in the present, looks like a load on you because of your belief system". Then, Paramahamsa Nithyananda warned about being in laziness and gave the meaning of Ignorance and Sadhana: "Ignorance means believing, floating in the past & future is relaxation. Being in the present is stressful effort. This is ignorance. All your bio memories believe being pushed by past and future is your nature and in that you are more relaxed than being in present! That is why whenever you are in present, it looks like action, which is supposed to be your very nature! You are supposed to be in present and going to past & future should be action. Do not associate relaxation with the mood that happened with some past incident. Associate relaxation with the kundalini awakening in your body. A shift happens in every body when this happens. Associate your body and bio memory that this is relaxation and restful awareness. I can say this is 'sadhana', that is ignorance". "Understand, if you think your joy comes to you by the difficult achievements you are shava -- you are going towards death because your whole life will be struggling. If you understand your joys are too simple, you can be fulfilled in simple way. When you look at your past and understand how to be in joy without projecting it in future, you will realize you are 'Aasudosha -- Shiva -- Bhole Baba -- means easily pleased -- just a little Ganga water, handful of rice, a bilva patra -- easily pleased. I tell you, if you don't project your future into the past, you will become Bhole Baba easily pleased. Simply joyful! I tell you that is one of the greatest quality". After this amazing understanding of Shava vs. being Shiva, Ashodosha, easily pleased, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shared His spiritual fantasy of being BHOLE BABA - what He would be doing, how will He be, if He didn't have the mission. A brilliant and beautiful insight into His own simplicity. Paramahamsa Nithyananda then ended this phenomenal satsang with His core message to get back to be Bhole Baba, "Understand, the Ashudosha -- not projecting your future into the past and seeing your past. If you just look at your past as it is you will see so many times with such simple things you are pleased. By nature you are pleased with simple things, you are Bhole Baba! You will just dig out the Ashudosha and Bhole Baba identity in you. But your logic comes up and says everyone else is pleased by other big things and they are exploiting them. Then now you have exploited your own self! Sadhu means living like a Bhole Baba."

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