Live the Truth for the Right Reason

about 10 years ago


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda beautifully reveals the right reasons for practicing completion and the Four Tattvas. When we are looking to gain acceptance, respect, or act out of fear, we are not practicing integrity. The right reason to practice integrity is to be complete with time and heal. Authenticity is the individual soul's struggle to get back to the source and live in continuous expansion. Like a child who lost his mother, his only motive is to find his mother. Same way, we have an innate tendency to reach Mother; the Cosmic Soul. Responsibility is not working to become powerful but knowing we already ARE powerful and the source of everything happening around us. Enriching happens once you realize everyone is part of you. So each being you enrich, is enriching a part of you also; when they feel complete, part of you will be complete. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I will expand on 'RIGHT REASONS FOR COMPLETION AND PRACTICING THE FOUR PRINCIPLES -- INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICITY, RESPONSIBILITY AND ENRICHING'. Listen. Right reasons for practicing completion, doing completion and practicing Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching; right reasons for living enlightenment. Understand, we all practice Integrity at some part of our life; but why? May be afraid of our boss, wife, people around us. If you practice Integrity because you are afraid of your boss, wife, people around you or you wanted their acceptance; I have seen some people boast, especially the teachers and people in the ex-army, they say, 'last thirty years we were very integrated in the time.' Yes, but for wrong reason, but for wrong reason. They have been integrated may be for a smaller reason, not with the right reasons, not with the right context. Listen, if you are practicing Integrity just to have acceptance and respect from others, fear of boss, fear of your society, people around you; if you practice Integrity just to have the acceptance from the people around you, yes, you will have acceptance, no doubt, you will have acceptance; but that's all. You will just have acceptance. The right reason, why, why I should practice Integrity: 'to have completion with Time, Kaala'. Listen, to have completion with Kaala. I tell you, practice Integrity just for ten days with only reason - completion with Kalabhairava. He will heal all your past incompletions; because Kaala is a independent energy. He can just roll back. He is like a Time Machine. He can roll the time. He can bring the past and heal the whole past by his hand, the eternal healing hand. Listen, eternal healing hand in the world is Kaala, Time. Time can heal anything which can't be healed. Time can heal everything. All memorials are against the Time. They do not want something to be forgotten; that is why they try to create memorial. Time is such a powerful healer, he can heal everything. I tell you, even your guilt is nothing but a memorials you established for your mistakes and not allowing Kaala to heal. Listen. If a war has happened, the society which was affected by that war tries to establish a memorial or the country who lost lot of soldiers, whether they win or lose in the war, whoever lost the soldiers, they establish memorials, so that Time do not heal. Please understand, many of the memorials, war memorials are created for the purpose that Time should not heal us. Only if you are not healed, you will carry that vengeance, anger continuously. But Time is such a powerful healer, he even destroys the memorials. He even destroys the memorials. I know for sure, I can tell you from my own authority, after the Mahabharata War, Pandavas have built a memorial. Now neither memory is there nor memorial is there. Anyhow, understand, guilt is a memorial you build not to forget some of the happenings, not to allow healing of some of the happenings in your life. But, I tell you, Kaala, Time is such a powerful healer, he can heal anything. He can just heal anything in life. He is such a powerful healer, healer, one of the greatest healer. So, practice Integrity to complete with Kalabhairava. Practice Integrity to complete with Kalabhairava. Try. Try this. Respect your watch as God, embodiment of Kaala, means, Kaalabhairava's vigraha and decide, next ten days you will declare and maintain the Integrity with Time, so that you are complete with Kaala. Then request him to heal your past incompletions. I tell you, he can just roll the past and put his healing hand and the whole thing will be healed. I tell you, any wound it may be, just Kalabhairava's one touch you will be healed. That is why we always say 'Time heals'. Kaala can heal anything. Kaala really can heal. Please understand, practice Integrity to be complete with Time, not for the petty reasons of just acceptance from society or small things. If you practice Integrity for petty reasons like acceptance from society or fear of society, it is like you meet king and ask him,

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