Living Enlightenment Series: Deeper Understanding of Love by Nithyananda

April 17, 2010

38,290 views Experience, Live and Radiate Enlightenment - Inner Awakening What is love? How can I experience true love? Is it love or lust? How do I go beyond lust? How do I get over possessiveness of my beloved? Whether you are a teenager or a happily married adult, whether you are from the modern West or the traditional East, these questions have been timeless. They reflect the deep recesses of the human mind on one level. On another level, they are the signboards of a deep spiritual quest. In this series on components of Living Enlightenment, get an enlightening perspective on true love from the Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Meditation techniques, awareness practices, mind-blowing answers logon to our new Life Solutions site: and get latest updates.

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