Lord Ganesha -- Embodiment of Completion

September 9, 2013


Today september 9, 2013 is Ganesh Chaturthi; the Day of Completion All of the 7 branches of Hinduism worship Ganesha and this makes Ganesh Chaturthi the most celebrated festival in the world.In all of these 7 branches Ganesha is worshipped first. He is very easy to please as he is happy with a leaf , a flower or any food. He loves to sing and dance, finds all philosophy boring, has all powers and is an embodiment of sacchitananda. Most importantly Ganesha is the embodiment of completion. he completes all ideas of 'impossible and all incompletions everywhere. He is also a god of love and joy. Ganesha's love is like the love the lion has for her cubs when she takes them for hunting. He comes down to raise you to his level, this love needs a little sacrifice. Whose love you receive you become so don't receive love from a person who will not make you a lion. The love of the Master is the love of the Lion, he is here to make us all lions. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Occasion today, GANESHA CHATURTHI! Ganesha, Devaadhideva, is gracing us on the "Mooshika Vaahana" (Mouse Vehicle). And Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, Bidadi, is offering 308 Naivedhyam offering to Ganapati, Ganesha. Such a beautiful occasion today, the Ganesha Chaturthi! And just now we saw the power of Ganesha! Audio was not working. I said, 'start', let's ask Ganesha to remove the Vighna (obstacle), and it's working in Sadhna TV...! Ganesh Chaturthi, all over the world, Dhyanapeetam is celebrating Ganesha Chaturthi. Hyderabad is offering 108 naivedhyams to Ganesha. In the temple, they have kept 6-foot Ganesha, and Malaysia is offering 108 naivedhyams to Ganesha; Ohio has celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi; Tiruvanmiyur Dhyanapeetam is offering 108 naivedhyams to Ganesha, all the devotees have gathered. San Diego Sangha will be gathering tomorrow to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi; sorry,I think they have already gathered and they're offering 54 naivedhyams, great! San Diego has gathered today to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and they're offering 54 naivedhyams. San Diego also has Ganesh pooja, Ashtottaram, and inauguration of Rasipuram-Dhyanapeetam! Great! And, of course, San José is offering lot of naivedhyams; Los Angeles is offering naivedhyams to Ganesha, I do not know the number. And, Seattle is doing Ratha Yatra for Ganesha; Toronto is offering naivedhyams to Ganesha; Ohio is doing Abhishekam and celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi; Seattle is offering 21 naivedhyams. Everywhere, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated! And, the good news is, today Ganesha landing and blessing all of us. So, no Somavara Vrata! You can eat Ganesha prasádam, because Ganesha is a God, He will be offended if we don't eat His prasádam, if we don't share with Him. So we should not offend Him. And He is such a joyful God. You see, Ganesha is an embodiment of joy! No rule, nothing! No agama. You don't need to bother about anything. Even to build His temple, He's the only God who has no agama. Please understand, each God have their own agamas. Of course, there are agamas talking about Ganesha Puja and description. But Ganesha is beyond any agama, and you don't need to bother about any agama. Just remember Him and He will be there! Whether you ask Him to land on a small turmeric paste, or on a cow dung -- yes, please understand, even in cow dung they will make Ganesha in villages -- or just ask Him, request Him, and He is there! Ganesha is such a joyful God, the embodiment of Joy! He is always there.....like Completion! Understand, Completion, the moment you declare Completion, you are complete! There is no need for any other pre-requisite or post-requisite. Just you have to forgive you; just you have to declare Completion, that's all, and Completion is there! Same way, Ganesha... the moment you ask him, He is there. He is such a joyful god! And so, let us celebrate having His prasádam. If you don't share His prasádam, if you don't have His prasádam, He may be offended. So, one day, Ganesh Chaturthi overrides Somavara Vrata! Rasipuram is also offering 21 naivedhyams to Ganesha. Singapore, they're also offering 21 naivedhyams to Ganesha and celebrating. All over the world, they're celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. And, Los Angeles is offering 29 naivedhyams with 108 Ganesha's names chanting; Toronto is offering naivedhyams to Ganesha and worshipping Ganesha with the gold kavacham -- Swarna Angi, offering the golden kavacham to Ganesha they are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. I can say, in Hinduism, the largest-celebrated festival is Ganesha Chaturthi, without doubt I can say! In Hinduism..., because Ganesha is the only god worshipped by Shaivites, Vaishnavites, Shakthas, and His own group, the Ganapathyas. Even the Kaumaras, Subrahmanya's followers, even they worship Ganapati. See, Hinduism has seven major branches: People who worship Ganapati, followers of Ganapati; People who worship Shiva; People who worship Vishnu;

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