Love is a Power

September 10, 2013


Today Swamiji spoke about Love. he told us that radiating love is a mystical power and to have this power we need to be established in completion. One thing that keeps us away from love and love away from us is the belief that the outer world is responsible for our incompletions. He talked about the layers of incompletion that we carry and our belief that we are too big and our incompletions are too big to be forgiven.The cosmic truth is that only when you forgive yourself love starts happening in you. a terrorist will show love your incompletions. The wrong patterns are showered with pseudo love and you are lost.This leads only to more terrorism death and imprisonment. Real love that makes you realize your possibility is true love. That is the love of the lion for the cub. that is the love that demands you to get out bed, throw the sickness out of your body and get to work. To be established in completion is to be established in the power of true love. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today for a change I'll speak on love. How love is not just an ordinary emotion it's a mystical power, it's a mystical capability. Please understand, if you are able to live without food one day, it is the power of, power to control, controlling power. If you are able to live without food forever it is not ability to control it's a mystical power. Same way if you are able to show love a little bit once in a while it is a social emotion but ever loving, radiating love, is mystical power. Understand, love, ability to love is a mystical power, ability to love will happen in you only when you are able to be in the space of Completion. Ability to be in the space of Completion only if you can complete, complete, complete, complete, complete, and establish yourself in the space of Completion, the ability to love becomes reality in you. Please listen, most of the time you think the external world is responsible for your incompletion. Yesterday one of my Ashramites was asking me, 'When everyone is doing so many mistakes, never become responsible, how can I be complete?' Such a foolish question. Others, the external world is not responsible for our incompletion. First thing you need to know. Second, not even partly responsible. See many of us agree that "the external world is not completely responsible for my incompletion but that is also partly co-operating for my incompletion". No, which is not true. External world, fully or partly, or even a little bit, not responsible for your incompletions. Understand I am making a Cosmic Penal Code statement, CPC. The external world is neither fully nor partially or even little bit responsible for any of our incompletions. Please understand, incompletion by its very nature starts sprouting, growing, establishing itself only in your inner space its roots never come to the external world. Please understand, sometime we think, 'No, no, the incompletion has grown in the inner world only, but its roots are now established in the outer world.' No. All the layers and layers and layers of incompletions you carry, you see when I say layers and layers and layers of incompletions let me define and explain; First you will feel, 'I have so many incompletions I am completing with it.' .Then, ' no, no, no, how many times you complete you are not going to complete. This incompletions are going to come back to you.' That's a one more incompletion. 'No, no, no, no, no, no, no how much ever I try I may complete even with this but tomorrow again I'll forget I completed and I'll remember only my incompletions. What will happen to that?' That next layer. Like this layers and layers and layers of incompletions you carry. Listen, all layers are rooted only in your inner space. Even the branch or the hanging root of your incompletions don't come to the external world. First thing you need to know, your incompletions are always established in your inner space. This means, many times others forgive you and forget you, because you are not that big a guy, but you cannot forgive you, because for you, you are a big guy. Understand, for others you are not a big guy, because you are not a big guy they don't care about you. Many times they just forget the incompletions related to you. Many times they don't care but you don't forgive you, you don't forgive you because you are too big for you. You are too big for you. All the time you are thinking only about you. All the time you are centred only about you. When you wake up, you only remember you. Till you go to bed you only remember you because of the constant remembrance of you, you remember even small incompletions deeply, very deeply. Understand even the smallest incompletions you carry in you, you remember it very deeply. The ability, ability to forgive yourself is the first quality to start loving. Please understand only if you can forgive yourself, if you can complete with yourself, love starts. Only then love starts expressing itself, love starts happening in you.

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