Love is Completion with life

September 28, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda outlines the details for the state of completion, the experience of completion, and how to perform completion. First and most importantly, we must be complete with ourselves. Then, when we complete with others, we can measure our maturity by having the understanding that people cannot be changed. This is living acceptance, not out of powerlessness, but out of non-resistance. When we come from a space of enriching, we are cultivating transformation in people by the process of completion, not the violence of trying to change them. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today is the 958th Nithya Satsangh, excluding all the satsanghs delivered before 2010! It is not including the evening Tamil Satsanghs also. So, just now I told them to number from the beginning. So, may be in the next few days, we will get the real number. And 20th batch of Inner Awakening, 17th batch of eN-Genius, 19th batch Nirahara Samyama, 9th batch The Samyama. Today, I'll expand on, please listen, today I will expand on "HOW THE COMPLETION IS GOING TO HELP YOU IN LISTENING, HOW LISTENING IS GOING TO HELP YOU IN COMPLETION". Before entering into the satsangh, today's Leela Dhyána: Mahadeva is gracing us in "Naan Maada Koodal", means the Leela is: Varuna, the Lord of Water, and Indra, Lord of the Gods, both of them conspired and wanted to destroy Madurai. They sent a huge cloud towards the city of Madurai from all four directions to attack Madurai. At that time, Sundareshwara -- Shiva -- appeared and made the cloud itself as a protection structure and took care that the cloud does not rain, that it loses the ability to rain. So, the cloud itself became a protection structure. That is the Leela. Mahadeva is gracing us in that Leela. The decoration is done in such a way that today we remember that Leela as a Leela Dhyána. Two of our Krama Brahmacharis are enacting the Leela. Now, we will start the satsangh. I have a story about "starting": A man comes home from an exhausting day at work, flops down on the couch in front of the television and tells his wife, 'get me a beer before it starts.' The wife sighs and gets him a beer. Ten minutes later, he says, 'Get me another beer before it starts.' She looks cross, but fetches another beer and slams it down next to him. He finishes that beer and a few minutes later says, 'Quick, get me another beer. It's going to start any moment, at any minute!' The wife is furious! She yells at him, 'Is that all you are going to do tonight? Drink beer and sit in front of the TV? You are nothing but a lazy, drunken fat slob, dumb!' The man sighs and says, 'It's started...!' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...! :D :D :D :D :D Let's start now! Please understand, Completion in its complete form; Completion in its complete form happens when you are listening. Completion starts giving its results in your life when you start listening. When listening becomes part of your life, then you start the Completion. It is actually, one is connected to each other. Please listen! Completion is such a powerful process; such a powerful process; it is such a process to awaken the inner-most intelligence in you. Please listen! Let me define Completion! Please understand: I'll define the State of Completion; "Experience of Completion", and "How to Do Completion"! All these three definitions today I will give. The State of Completion: Listen! State of Completion: Completion is being spontaneous, powerful, without having the hangover of the past in the present, having complete inner-space available to you to further your life. Listen! Having completely your inner-space in your hand to further your life. And I'll define the Experience of Completion: Listen! Experience of Completion is, it will give you the feeling it is enough for you to live your whole life. Completion has the capability of giving you the feeling it is enough for you to live your whole life. If you have really, really fallen in love in your young age -- not after seventy -- if you have really, really, really fallen in love at the right age in your life, you will have that feeling-this love is enough for you to live your whole life. You won't even bother about your basic needs! That's why, in all movies, they show this sentiment of "Let's elope and run away! Nothing else is required for our life. You are there for me, I am there for you!" But, you cannot eat one another! You can't eat each other, you need food! But, you don't care for anything else, because at that moment actually you feel the other person's love is enough, because the other person's love completes you and that is enough for you to live! See, it's like women fall in love by what they hear. Men fall in love by what they see. That is why most of the women put make-up, and most of the men lie! Understand! Women fall in love by what they hear; men fall in love by what they see.

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