Love is Strength: Patanjali Yoga Sutras 130 Nithyananda satsangh 14 March 2011

March 15, 2011


Living Incarnation and Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda was amused when he said, "Patanjali speaking about love! I can be 100% sure Patanjali would never have had romance in his life, because even an iota of love does not exist in any of his works. I have no doubt he had a snake body, a symbol of awakened Kundalini. So all his energy went up to the Sahasrara. He came down to experience the cosmic dance of Shiva through him. Most surprising thing is he has not mentioned Devi even once!" Nithyananda explained the difference between masculine and feminine love. In the aspect of masculine gender it is philosophical love, in the feminine it is romance. "It is feminine energy and Devi aspect which keeps man away from terrorism. Otherwise the aggressive masculine energy lands into violence. Little bit of love the Devi energy added people will be more loving, compassionate." "When the glimpse of enlightenment happens in you, what happens in you between then and till the point you become enlightenment is what I call love. Let me first express from the angle of Patanjali. He speaks about love here for the sake of samyama. He gives it to us as a technique. He says do samyama on these great qualities and excel in them. Through this he approves the expression of love and he instructs all yogis to excel in love. He makes this as a technique. A powerful expression!" Expression of the consciousness in you, when it penetrates your blocking low mood logic and expresses itself, in spite of your logic, it is called love. Inside you there is an intense super consciousness constantly waiting to break through your body and express itself. Always you have the fear if you express love, you will be exploited. So there is a certain logic in you which completely bans you from flowing." "It completely stops the life force. Not just shining in eyes, even shining in skin changes when you stop the flow of love in you. Do samyama on love. Sit and meditate on the beautiful inner space you go through, when you are in love with you and with the whole. Here Patanjali is not saying contemplate on the love which was directed towards one person. NO. When you are experiencing love for self, suddenly you will experience it for the whole. Suddenly you will see everyone is worthy of what they are." "Patanjali declares Balaani -- be strong by excelling in love. Radiating love. Let the samyama on love strengthen you. Try today whole day, try samyama on love."

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