Luxury, The Sure Killer Of Intelligence & Powers

July 5, 2015


Kathopanishad, Nithya Satsang on 5th July 2015 - Paramahamsa Nithyananda sketches the ideal Vedic lifestyle of community system (jaati, varna) while sketching the character of Vajashravas, the king who, from his powerlessness and insecurity was doing the fire sacrifice from the wrong context, and degrades to a worthless king! As a king, he is expected to only give and not hold, living in powerfulness. A Brahmana (sage) is expected to share knowledge; a Vaishya (business man) is expected to do business. But, here a king soaked in luxuries self-imprisons himself and is in identity crisis, falling into a business mental-setup. Luxury is the sure killer of intelligence, strength and powers, not allowing you to reinvent yourself. Aparigraha, the minimalistic simple living is the ultimate lifestyle, as prescribed by Mahadeva in Agamas, which opens the unending resource of creativity in you and makes our bio-memory and muscle-memory alive, active, brilliant with constant expansion. He tells all to life the cool, simple lifestyle of Mahadeva in minimalistic living. Have wealth, but punishment not yourself, by the luxury. Today's subject for Vakyartha Sadas, spiritual exploration on Truth is -Those who run behind the luxurious lifestyle are the most cheap, who do not have strength and trust over their own life. Luxury kills even when you are alive.

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