Maha Shivaratri 2011 Message: Story Of Dakshinamurthi - Nithyananda 2 Mar 2011

December 5, 2020


Living Incarnation and Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda's welcomed the thousands gathered in front of him, and the few tens of thousands watching by video conferencing from around the world for this midnight message and initiation into eN Dhyana meditation. "I welcome all of you for this greatest spiritual effect on the individual and the cosmos." He began by telling a story from Shiva Purana, the story of Dhakshinamurthy, Shiva appearing as the ultimate master on planet earth. The story demonstrated how Shiva saved not only humanity because they surrendered to him, but he saved them from themselves. "Understand this story when the Guru assumes the human body, when he comes down to the human frequency, to save humanity from atheistic intellectuals and save spiritual power. In this whole story Shiva did not fight even once, he was in silence, all he did is whatever weapons were sent, he used them for himself, fire as heater, Damaru as playing, tiger skin as dress, elephant skin as blanket. He used it for his life, he knows how to use any negativity, turn it into positivity and use it for his life." "I will initiate you into the process of keeping Dakshinamurthy alive in you, keeping the Guru alive in every one of you. Shiva has taken human body in every one of you. He's there in you as Dakshinamurthy in the banyan tree of Ananda Gandha radiating the intense silence and energy. Whenever life throws things on you, all you need to do is relax into his space and it disappears, the whole thing will be turned from negativity to positivity. All the problems thrown to you will become glory for you." "Now I want to gift you all one of the greatest gifts: eN-Meditation or eN-Dhyan. It's the oldest technique for enlightenment, the most sacred secret, I can say the whole meditation is just one simple process. I can say I feel this is the last secret I kept with myself, I am revealing that to you all. If something more is revealed, surely I will share with you all." "I am giving Prana Prathishta to this technique. Anybody, who practices this technique will be enlightened, in the space of Dakshinamurthy. First, self remembrance, remember the feeling, the idea you have the moment you remember I. Self remembrance and unclutch from it, that's all. Remember yourself and unclutch from it, unclutching in self remembrance." "When you remember the self, means I, I , I, when you become aware of the self, what you feel as I, you will see, in your inner space, certain areas you feel you exist, I I I , in that I, unclutch from that I, unclutch." We will prove to the scientific community the physics of the impossible.

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