Mahadeva Rahasyam

July 7, 2016


"In this momentous, rare Nithya Satsang of 7th July 2016, Paramahamsa Nithyananda showers His limitless compassion to every seeking soul by revealing many MAHADEVA RAHASYAS, the ultimate sacred secrets, the Secret of Secrets of Sadāshiva. “Learn this Mahadev Rahasya. Watch this satsang again and again because I have revealed so many Mahadev Rahasyas in this. Your life to reach fulfillment and completion nothing else is required other than this one satsang. If you understand and internalize this one satsang, that is enough, you will achieve Completion and fulfillment both.” This is the divine glory of this one Nithya Satsang. Setting the context, Paramahamsa Nithyananda begins revealing that - “Your attitude towards a person decides whether you are going to be part of his public life, private life, secret life. The same applies towards the Cosmos. If we are part of the private life of Cosmos, we will be an Enlightened Being, if part of public life, then we know the suksma, the subtle nuances of how, why the Cosmos functions. Neither there is a law nor there is a logic in Sadāshiva’s, the functioning of the Cosmos. - Human Beings need to remember only one thing – when Cosmos, Sadāshiva rushes towards you with a tremendous love, when He overwhelms you by His love, when He overflows in you – first don’t doubt, “Am I qualified for it?” Revealing the Mahadev Rahasya, the secret of secrets, directly useful for our lives: o “the moment you are seeking eternal love or bliss which stays with you – understand you have received incoming call. And you need to know that the individual soul, Jeevātma can only receive the incoming call, he cannot make the outgoing. If there is a Seeking in you, understand Sadāshiva has called you and you have all the right to declare – Sadāshivaoham. Every time a call comes, He is declaring – Shivatvamsi. You are Shiva.” Sadāshiva is not looking for any skill sets or qualifications from us. o Seeking is the secret invitation sent by Sadāshiva to be part of His secret life because He has a secret crush on you. He has no use by you but He wants to manifest through you. o Every time you declare – SADĀSHIVOHAM – Mahadeva, Sadāshiva rushes Himself to manifest through you, because the Whole by Its very nature wants to manifest and celebrate Its existence through every part. o The secret passcode to Sadāshiva – The moment you even have the guts to declare Sadāshivoham, He just feels mesmerized by you and He just lands and manifests through you, whatever you want. Understand this secret code. Over use it to your maximum benefit. He loves to be overused. He celebrates when you overuse Him. He is the limitless resource, does not feel afraid of get overused. He is waiting for you to overuse Him. When you decide, “let me declare and manifest it,” you become part of my secret life. Declare and manifest – “I am Sadāshiva. Let me manifest it.” Sadāshiva is waiting to manifest your declarations. "

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