Mahashivratri 2016 Message and Initiation - 'You Are Your Intention'

March 9, 2016


In this Mahashivaratri Message 2016, Nithyananda guides us into an understanding of who we really are: You Are Your Intention. Nithyananda tells about his experience with Arunagiri Yogishwara. As a boy, his guru told him: the physiological, psychological and neurological ups and downs you go through, are not you. The perceptions and experiences you have, are not you. The real intention you carry about what you want to become, that is you. Your intention is the only living mechanism in you. Other than your intention, everything else is matter in you. You cannot be controlled by the matter in you. Because my intention is living, but the psychological, physiological, neurological effects are non-living entities. The non-living cannot effect something which is living. Realising this truth does not have to take time. For Nithyananda it was an instant realisation, it was a gift froths Guru, and because of that he shares it as a gift also. During the night of Shivaratri, he gave this as a process and initiation for everyone: 'Decide from now, declare it to yourself and others: I am just my intention to be. Other than my intention to be, no other experience (psychological, physiological, neurological) is me.' Declare your intention to the world. If you keep it for yourself, you will forget. The moment you declare it courageously, you are responsible to uphold it, to live it. Others will remind you, that is the best way you can go on remembering. Nothing else is required other than simple remembrance: Smaranath Mukti - remembrance liberates. You can never conquer depression, you can only make it irrelevant to you. You cannot conquer suffering, you can only make it irrelevant to you. You make it irrelevant by remembering this truth: the physiological, psychological, neurological ups and downs you go through, are not me. The perceptions and experiences I have, are not me. The real intention I carry about what I want to become, that is me. By remembrance, make all your ups and downs redundant, irrelevant to you. This is the first initiation Nithyananda received from Arunagiri Yogishwara: You Are Your Intention. It is also the initiation he is now giving, in this Mahashivaratri night. Just remembrance of these truths is the process he suggests for all viewers, and especially for those looking to attend the Shuddh Advaitam process during upcoming Kumbh Mela in Ujjain.

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