MahaVakya "Om Nithyananda ParamaShivoham" - Power Manifestation - (Official) 432Hz - (1Hr)

almost 5 years ago


Nithyanandam, His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda has revealed this most powerful MahaVakya, great sacred secret, of "Om Nithyananda ParamaShivoham", meaning "Om Eternal Bliss Ultimate Shiva". This MahaVakya bestows everything from Health to ParamaShiva's Shakti s (SuperPowers), Let it Reverberated in your Being. Download Our MP3 Versions Here: Become part of the Sangha Member get Involved with Adhi Kailasha Tantramsha (The Ultimate Spiritual Software Support): Become an Aadheenavasi (Resident of Adhi Kailash): #Nithyananda #MahaVakya #432Hz

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