Make friends with your body and mind

April 11, 2014


`In today's (11th April, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals how our teamily is part of and a reflection of us. Any incompletions we carry with our teamily can be found in some disturbance of our body or mind. But if you don't reflect an incompletion in their eyes, be clear and complete that there is no incompletion -- don't create one. Let us remember we are the source of everything that goes on outside of us because it reflects our inner space. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I will start on the Science of Living Advaitha, the Science of Living Enlightenment, the Teamily Process. Please listen! When you start working with your team, face all your so-called difficulties.... Listen! Nothing is difficult on this earth, but you have to DO it. The good news is, nothing is difficult. The best news is, you have to DO it. If you don't do it, if you don't need to do, then what for life? Nothing, nothing is difficult. When you start relating with your teamily, please understand, the first thing that will happen to you is, your ability to speak into your listening will happen. I tell you, your intestine can be programmed immediately as you want. If you just know to speak into your listening, your intestine can listen to you immediately. Your intestine will just listen to you, your heart will listen to you, your liver will listen to you. I am telling you after experientially experimenting in the last two days. Last two days I was diagnosing the root of this cough. And I was instructing the body, 'Hey, alter it yourself. Clear it.' The body said, 'If I have to do this much of work, the throat has to work this much. Then I will need to recreate the whole throat and the whole organ with a new kind of strength. Just give me a few days, I will make it happen.' Then I said, 'Alright, till you do that, you don't need to wait for the stomach to become alright. You clear that.' I saw clearly, the root of the cough has stopped immediately! Now, only the throat, a new system is getting built!' Please listen! Please listen! I am on national television, and whatever I am speaking, I am responsible for it! I am telling you on national television, you can talk to your organs, you can talk to your body; it will listen to you. Only when you face your teamily, complete with them, when you learn to speak into their listening, simply you will see, your teamily is nothing but the representation mirrors your heart, kidney, liver, brain. If your teamily is completely disintegrated, disorganized, your body is also disintegrated and disorganized, your mind is also disintegrated and disorganized. Your mind has many components: Chittha, Buddhi. "Chittha" means, all the memory storage. "Buddhi" means, which orders a special file to be drawn. For example, the moment you see somebody wearing a kaavi-coloured dress, you would have had a good and bad experience, both, with that colour. If your Buddhi orders the bad file, and the Chittha will supply that, that is what becomes incompletion. If your Buddhi orders a good file, and that is what the Chittha will supply, that only leads to friendliness. Understand, whether your perception, the sensory activities leads to more and more incompletion or friendliness is decided by the responsibility with which your Buddhi behaves....the responsibility with which your Buddhi behaves. Listen! Please understand, if your Buddhi cognizes from the space of Advaitha that, 'For everything I am responsible, I am the source', then it always orders the right files from the Chittha. It always orders the right files from the Chittha. Your mind is your teamily. Your body is your teamily. Your teamily is your body and mind. Understand? When you are able to speak into the listening of your teamily, you will be able to speak into the listening of the different components of your mind, the different components of your body. A few devotees were requesting that they need time for completing with all their teamily members. I agreed to extend. Only two more days, forty-eight hours. I don't want to extend more than that. So, tomorrow and day-after-tomorrow. Day-after-tomorrow morning satsangh, you should come back to the satsangh after completely completing with all your teamily members, so that I can lead you guys to the next level. So, before Guru Poornima, I wanted at least a bunch of people living this Advaitha practically. Just like how our kids do the Rudra Homa and make the gods pleased, they please the gods and make the heavens shower. Yesterday, when they completed the Rudra Homa, there was no cloud; it was completely white, open sky.

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