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September 3, 2013


Today Swamiji spoke about how much Indic Knowledge has to offer especially regarding the power of handling grey areas in life. In physics, politics and outer world activities once you master the knowledge in that area you are the master of the grey area of that topic. In Spirituality once you know the cosmic law there is no grey area. Once you plug all the holes of Integrity you have full knowledge and full power. Indic tradition empowers People by answering WHY. The power of the 4 Tattwas is that you cannot go beyond that which you take responsibility for. The torch is the space, the battery is the responsibility. In Indic tradition when you pass the torch you empower the person with the big whys and he cannot be exploited. Living in the space where you cannot be exploited is Living Enlightenment. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today's Leela is "MALAIYADWAJANAI AZHAITHA PADALAM". Means, the story of Sundareshwara, Shiva, Mahadeva, calling Malaiyadwaja to complete with his wife, Kanchanamála. Sundareshwara brought all the oceans', seven oceans' waters to Madurai for Meenakshi's mother to take bath, take a holy dip. But the rishis, they said, 'Kanchanamála (Meenakshi's mother) has incompletion with her husband who passed away. Without completing the incompletions with the husband, you can't have a dip and that is not going to help you in any way.' Then Kanchanamála requests Sundareshwara. And Sundareshwara scans the Cosmic Archives to see where Kanchanamala's husband is and calls Malaiyadwaja Pandya (Kanchanamala's husband), and he comes down and Kanchanamala completes with him, and then both of them take a dip in the seven oceans. And, they achieve liberation and enlightenment. And, today you are seeing that scene: Meenakshi with Sundareshwara and Kanchanamala with Malaiyadwaja. Mahadeva is gracing us! And today, Ganesha Brahmotsava, the ten day Vinayaka Chaturthi, Ganesha festival is happening, so Ganesha is gracing us on the fourth day, on the Hamsa Váhana, the Váhana of enlightened beings. Enlightened beings are called "Hamsa". So, He is gracing us on the Hamsa Váhana. With this I will move to the Nithya Satsangh. Today, I will expand on some of the "Great Why's". "Big Why's" and "Great Why's" are two different things. Please understand. The "Big Why's are: why we wear what we wear, why we eat what we eat, why we live the way we live. These I classify as the "Big Why's". And the "Great Why's" are: how the Cosmos is functioning, and why we should do spiritual practices, what way we should be aligned to the Cosmos. Please understand, I am separating these two. The "Big Why's" and the "Great Why's". Indic Knowledge has so much to offer to the world about Cosmology. Please understand, I am not talking just about Astrology or Astronomy. I am saying, knowledge about Cosmology and the way to harness the powers. Please understand, in any field, when you have knowledge about the laws governing that field, you have power over many of the grey areas. Why do you think people are so crazy about becoming politicians? Because, then you will get power of handling that grey area, this power of handling the grey area. With any knowledge, any knowledge about any existence, if you have knowledge about the laws of Physics, you will have power over the grey area, where your Will can play a big role. If you have knowledge about Chemistry, you will have power over many of the grey areas with which you can play many things better than others. In any field, knowledge gives you the power to manipulate the grey area. Understand, very important thing you need to know, in the spiritual field, there is no grey area. The moment you know the law, you have the whole power! Please understand, I will give you an example. If you know the law of the country, if you know the whole, how it is created, why it is created, what it is, the whole thing, then you can very easily manipulate, because for any crime they say minimum three months and maximum it can go up to five years imprisonment. And an evidence should have all these, these, these, these qualifications. The qualifications are so grey, you can have anything as evidence, and anything as non-evidence. I have seen in India, in some cases, an ordinary hanky becomes evidence, and many video, audio recordings, circumstantial evidences, everything is thrown out as not reliable. So, each area, in each field, there is a vast grey area. When you master the knowledge in that field, that grey area becomes your power zone. Same way, administering the country. For example, building bridges, or dams, or schools, colleges. I think a few days before I told a story: One politician goes from India to Washington, DC, stays in the house of a senator. And that senator has a huge bungalow and he just takes care of this MP from India. Floored by the hospitality of the senator, the MP asks, 'How did you manage this huge house and so much wealth?'

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