Make Powerfulness Your Religion

August 13, 2014


In today’s (17th May, 2014) morning Satsang from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on Living Advaitha. He told us; your life is your mirror and if you allow anything to make you powerless you will see only that in the mirror. He redefined completion as “ the conscious decision to finish- a pattern and never let it overpower you consciously again. He ended by encouraging us to go on causing others’ reality. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Today I will expand on Living Advaitha. The Inner Awakening participants are going through, for the last two days, an intense process of initiation into Living Advaitha, understand? Of course, today we are going to continue. I have seen, whenever I initiate people into this Living Advaitha process, even after spending continuous twelve hours into the process, they are fresh, alive, energetic! How many of you, when you went back yesterday you were not tired after spending twelve hours in the process? Do you know, you cannot sit more than ten minutes in front of one channel which is spending crores to get your attention? Within ten minutes....DAMAAL! Your remote control....tatak! Over! After spending twelve hours in the process.....fresh, alive! I tell you, that is the power of Advaitha! I wanted you to know the deeper principles about Advaitha. Life starts when you decide to cause others reality. Because, the real you, please listen, the real you is everyone around you, you included. But what you cognize as you is your deep-rooted pain patterns and incompletions. How much ever you try to decorate, perfume, scent, garland, you are trying to do all this to the pain you of you, the incompletion you of you. But the more you are going to remember about the incompletion you of you, and identify you as the incompletion you of you, and cognize the incompletion you of you, what are you doing? You are trying to perfume the drainage! Trying to perfume the sewage tank! So, the first shift is required, first action is required, not in your doing, but in your cognition. See, that is why I tell you, one important truth.... Please understand, these few important truths, catch it, so that I will bring you to the conclusion. First truth: What you remember as you, the pain part of you only you remember as you. You cognize yourself only your incompletions as you. But, the actual you is, all the people around you put together. Third, because what you cognize as you is only the deep-rooted pain patterns and incompletions of you, how much ever you try to perfume it, scent it, even put Kashi chandan on it and garland it, do whatever, the moment you open, what comes out? Ughh! You put a silk cloth. See, we saw in the Manikarnika Ghat how they brought those dead bodies with those shining clothes and amazing garlands. If you don't open and see, you may even suspect they are bringing some temple deity. Am I right? You see from the distance and you don't know it is a dead body. You may think it is a temple deity the way they put those shining clothes all around. And the garland, perfume, scent! That is exactly what you are doing! What you perceive as you, you going on trying to do make-up to that. That will never bring Completion and powerfulness with you. Shift your energy to what is YOU. Shift your energy to what is YOU. Listen! The real you is all the people with whom your life is involved, all the lives who are involved with you, all these put together is you. When you shift, when the cognitive shift happens, all of them are you, you are them. Suddenly, your joy, your pain, your life, your goal, your purpose, your right, your wrong, your dharma, your adharma, everything gets rewritten. That rewriting is what I call "Rewriting your Future!" You rewrite your future full of powerfulness. Understand one thing, some parts of what you call as your life, you may be resisting. Some parts of what you call as your life, you may be accepting. But, be very clear, whether you resist or accept, no powerlessness! Don't allow powerlessness! No question of powerlessness! Always being powerful is my religion, understand. Love, compassion, all that will start happening in you from the right context. Love, compassion, non-violence, by itself cannot become a religion. Love, compassion, non-violence, from the right context only can become a religion. I have seen people who escape from life try to show compassion and non-violence just because they feel powerless to face the conflicts. They feel completely powerless to face the conflicts. Please listen! When you feel powerless to face the conflicts, life again and again brings that same mirror and shows to you.

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