Make your Life Simple

September 5, 2013


Today Paramahamsa Nithyananda continued talking about the importance of reclaiming your inner space from self- doubt. He explained that self-doubt is like an air bubble trapped in a metal idol. If an air bubble gets trapped in the metal when the idol is being cast, it makes the area around it weak and prone to breakage. In the same way, self-doubt makes us weak and unreliable, and we miss God, the Master and all the auspicious things in life. Completion with self-doubt lets the air bubbles out, and you become strong and reliable. Some people think that they can complete with self-doubt only once they become perfect. This is not true. The people who run after perfection neither achieve perfection nor manage to complete with their self-doubt. Simply declare completion with your self-doubt. You will have a beautiful relationship with the Master and live a simple, innocent and enlightened life. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today, Mahadeva is gracing us in the "VELLIAMBALATHIL NATANAM AADIYA LEELAI". See, after the marriage of Meenakshi and Sundareshwara --the great devotees of Shiva, Patanjali and Vyaghrapada, these two Rishis had also come for the wedding -- Sundareshwara says after the wedding, 'All of you please go and have the wedding feast.' This Patanjali and Vyaghrapada, they say, 'Unless we see the dancing of Shiva', -- you see, every day they see the "Ananda Natana", dancing in Chidambaram; they both lived in Chidambaram. -- They said, 'unless we have His darshan of dancing, we will not eat!' This means, historically Chidambaram Temple is older than Meenakshi Temple, Madurai. So, Mahadeva says, 'Alright, I myself will show you guys Ananda Natana.' And He dances for the sake of Patanjali and Vyaghrapada in Madurai itself. After that they go and eat! That is the scene. That is the Leela "Velliambalathil Natanam Aadiyadhu". Today, as per the Madurai tradition, two of our gurukul kids are enacting Sundareshwara and Meenakshi. Sundareshwara is enacted by Sundareshwara himself (gurukul kid by the name of Sundareshwara). Nithya Priya is enacting Meenakshi. And Ganapathi, Ganesha is gracing us on the "Naga Váhana", "Sesha Váhana", with Veena Alankara (with the stringed instrument "Veena" in his hands), as part of Ganesha Brahmotsava, ten days' festival. Hey Nithya Priya, see all your mom, dad, grandparents, all of them are seeing you from Charlotte! We'll start the Nithya Satsangh today! I will continue to expand on the subject I was expanding on yesterday: "RECLAIMING YOUR INNER SPACE" which is occupied by self-doubt. I tell you, so many times, just because of the self-doubt, you lose the Master, your life, God. Even when the great things happen in your life; even when some of the great things happen in your life, just because of the self-doubting pattern and the ripple effects of the self-doubting pattern, you miss God, Master and very auspicious things, very many things. You miss so badly; not in an ordinary way, very badly you miss! How to complete with self-doubt? You need to understand the zone from where the self-doubt starts happening. Please all of you sit straight, come to the space of listening! I know everyone is tired after melting and molding the great Meenakshi deity for Seattle Temple, Yesterday, till night 12 o'clock, in the ashram there was a beautiful event happening -- melting and creating the Meenakshi deity for Seattle Temple. Around one ton, means, 2,200 pounds -- 1,000 kg -- panchaloha was melted and poured into the mold to make a beautiful Meenakshi deity for Chidambaram, Seattle-Chidambaram. Five-metal alloy was melted and poured and the deity was created. I think the people who have seen all this became tired. Large size event, which your brain feels difficult to catch, even seeing will make you tired! In my life, only once like that I felt tired, which my brain was not able to comprehend -- Delhi Akshardham1 I can say this is the greatest credit I'll give, this is the best statement I can make about Delhi Akshardham! Even Rajaraja's Tanjore temple was not as mind-boggling to me as Delhi Akshardham. It was so mind-boggling! I'll sincerely recommend all the devotees, disciples, viewers, visitors, at least once have the darshan of Delhi Akshardham. You will understand the power and glory of building temples! I always used to have that one soft pride, the great Tamils because they build amazing temples; but when I saw the Delhi Akshardham, I understood they crossed the great Rajaraja, I can tell you! Hats off to Pramukh Swami Maharaj and Swaminarayan Sangha! They crossed what Rajaraja did! Of course, Rajaraja had one plus point: In his time, there was no machinery. But even with all that, what Delhi Swaminarayan Sangha created as Delhi Akshardham, unimaginable! I could see yesterday so many people fell into that state. When the metal was about to be poured, many people were just struck, where they were standing!

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