Manifest Bliss and Excellence || Nithya Satsang || Retelecast || 08 May 2020

September 19, 2020


Title: Manifest Bliss and Excellence Name Program: Nithya Satsang with HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam Session on: How to experience Bliss and Excellence Date: 08 May 2020 In this Nithya Satsang Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam His Divine Holiness Bhagavan #Nithyananda Paramashivam explains that Bliss is Real Existence, Happiness is Delusion.Bliss is based on Cosmic logic. Happiness is based on binary logic. Bliss liberates you. Bliss is the source material out of which Paramashiva is made. Whole universe is made up of stuff called Ananda. Bliss is your very nature.  Decide to experience Peace first, because when peace fills your Muscle memory and Biomemory then #BLISS grows in your BIOENERGY. Ananda is Intense excitement inside you when you start experiencing BLISS. HDH further explains that we should stop chasing joy and success and instead start looking for Ananda and Excellence. New world order is going to be Excellence and Bliss based not joy and success based. Start manifesting Bliss through Powerful Cognitions.   Support the World's Only Hindu Nation: #KAILASA

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