Manipulating Dharma is Karma

July 23, 2014


In Today's (22nd July, 2014) morning satsang from Haridwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on completion with yourself and completion with others. Authenticity is the law of life you cannot manipulate it. Equally you cannot manipulate dharma. If something is not required, OK. However if it is required it must be done with no compromise or manipulation of Authenticity , Integrity , Responsibility or Enriching. Advaitha must be lived great clarity about your virtues and without compromise to dharma. TRANSCRIPTS:- In today’s satsangh, I wanted to expand on “KARMA”. Eighth day of the Inner Awakening, all of you are going through the Completion with yourself, and Completion with Others.....Completion with yourself, and Completion with Others. Please understand, whenever you go through Completion with yourself and Completion with Others, one of the very important aspects everyone overlooks is forgetting the truth of Advaitha. They always think, ‘Let everyone complete with me, but I don’t need to complete with others.’ Or, ‘Let everyone become authentic with me; I don’t need to be authentic; I can manage.’ Please understand, your arrogance which makes you believe you can manage the natural law of life itself is called “Karma”. Your arrogance which gives you the belief you can manage the natural law of life is “Karma”. Authenticity is a natural law of life. You can never manipulate it! You can never manage it! Only YOU can be managed by Authenticity! YOU should be managed by Authenticity! Why, why we try to manipulate Dharma, the law of life? Because we feel, some part of us we cannot change; we feel it is impossible for us to transform. Some habits, some patterns, you feel you cannot give up. So, naturally, to convince yourself it is okay, you need to manipulate Dharma. For example, if you cannot live the life of a Sannyasi, you can live Grihastha life; that is also okay. But if you are unattached, then how are you going to live Grihastha life? No, I am not saying give up the Grihastha life and become a Sannyasi. All I am saying is, at least be very clear where you are powerful, where you are powerless. And it is not necessary to give up Grihastha life to achieve Advaitha, live Advaitha. So, from that context if you say, ‘I don’t think I need to give up Grihastha life, because giving up Grihastha is not required to live Advaitha, living Advaitha.’, then you are right. But if you say, ‘No, no, without attachment if I live that is also okay.’, then you are manipulating Dharma. Naturally you start manipulating, ‘No, no, no, no, no...! That and all is not required for me. Just if I mentally align myself and remember God for a few minutes, he will immediately land on me, his support will be there. Unnecessarily waking up early in the morning, bending the body this side, that side... If I just remember God, that is enough.’ This is manipulating Dharma, understand. Actually, waking up early morning is not necessary for Advaitha. It is a support, but not a compulsion for living Advaitha. From that understanding if you think, then it is okay. Listen! You may ask, ‘What is the difference between these two thought-currents?’ When you think something is necessary and not able to do, you fall into powerlessness. Only the fellows who fall into powerlessness manipulate Dharma. Trying to manipulate Dharma is “Karma”. Trying to manipulate Dharma is Karma! If you know thoroughly you have to get up early in the morning for living Advaitha, and if you cannot get up, the right thing to do is complete with the pattern you are not able to get up. But unfortunately, if you learn to manipulate even one step of Dharma with the wrong reason, I tell you, after that, Dharma can never enter into your life, because you know how to manipulate every rule. Just one simple understanding – Integrity with time, for living Advaitha Integrity with time IS NECESSARY; that is not an option. If you tell that at 6:30 you will be there, you HAVE to be there, or you will have to inform them ahead, at least before 6:29, that you will not be there at 6:30. That integrity with time is COMPULSORY for living Advaitha. But when you can’t maintain this integrity with time and you start manipulating within you and without you, means, inside you and outside you, both,‘No, no, no, that and all is for initial level people, not for everyone! That and all is not required! It is okay!’ once you manipulate yourself, convince yourself that integrity with time is not required, the moment you convince yourself, be very clear, you enter into the pattern of Karma. After that, within three-four months, you will convince yourself with all

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