Master is cosmic life insurance!

January 6, 2014


In today's (6th January, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes how being with the Master is like having Cosmic life insurance because no matter what, he never gives up on us! He is a hero because we either love him or because of our self-destructive pattern, we hate him -- but we certainly can't ignore him! He is always standing with us as a catalyst to cause our reality. We too can adopt the Master's philosophy and be a cause for other's reality, experiencing profound healing in our lives! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Ramakrishna will not even let you near. I have no doubt that Ramakrishna is an incarnation, Ramana Maharishi is an incarnation. Rama would not have even allowed Shakuni to be around him. See Krishna's personality, he never gave up on people even who are hypocrites towards Him. He continued, continued till the end he did not give up. Please understand, till the last day of the War, Krishna's army was fighting for Duryodhana, you need to know, the fellow who ordered Krishna's arrest. See, when Krishna went as an ambassador, as per the dharma, Hindu dharma, ambassador cannot be arrested or harmed. I think, all these laws, Hinduism created first: how to interact with other countries. But he crossed that law ordered the arrest of Krishna's. Krishna used his power to save himself; that is secondary. He goes to that extreme! But even Duryodhana, Krishna doesn't say 'No' when Duryodhana comes to Krishna for help before the War. Actually, this Duryodhana coming to Krishna for help happens after Duryodhana orders Krishna's arrest and Krishna saves himself! Even the multi-layered people, the hypocrites who behave one way here, one way there, one way there, even the multi-layered people, Krishna didn't give up. That is why I am saying he is a Poornavatar. It is not that I have only Vidhura and Pancha Pandavas around me; I have enough of Duryodhanas, Shakunis, multi-layered people. But it is Krishna and his inspiration, I don't give up; I continue to handle, handle, handle. I tell you Krishna has set a trend for enlightened beings and incarnations. The ethics of enlightenment, the etiquettes of enlightenment, behaviour, how it should be, Krishna has set a trend. How an enlightened being should behave it is he who set a trend. He did not say 'No' to Duryodhana but he knows the multi-layered personalities will always be stupid. Understand, when you handle different things of your life, if you miss your Integrity, naturally with whole life you will miss Integrity. And you are not understanding when you miss Integrity with the whole life, you will desire stupid things. Understand, the worst curse given to human-beings is having desire for stupid things! You don't need to destroy somebody; if you make him have desire for stupid things, that is enough; he is destroyed! If somebody likes stupid things, you don't need destroy him at all; his desire towards stupidity will destroy him! Please listen, when you are not integrated with life, the curse life gives you is, it makes you like stupid things in the life. I tell you, I have always seen, when you start being disintegrated to life, you may think you are successful. No! You will start liking stupid things which will bring your destruction. See this Duryodhana he started liking stupid things and he was ready to give up his life for stupid things. And Krishna said 'Thathasthu'! What is the need for bringing Draupadi and pulling her dress, which is not required? Okay, if you want kingdom, come on take it, and send them out; let them go to the forest. It is actually Draupadi's Vastra Apaharana that incompletion only made the whole War. Otherwise, the War would not have happened. I have also seen when people start liking stupid violence, very stupidly they will utter words, stupid words, stupid abusive behaviour, I know they have started destroying themselves. But, unfortunately, no teaching of Krishna, Duryodhana was ready to listen, or Dussasana was ready to listen. When you start liking stupidity, the Master's words don't enter into you; that's the worst problem! Worst thing that can happen to a human-being is liking stupid things. Worst thing that can happen to a disciple is Master not being able to tell what he wants to tell directly to you, because of the way you behave. If Master is not able to tell you what he wants to tell, then no one can save you, no one can protect you. Master is Cosmic Life Insurance, understand. The Master is Cosmic Life Insurance! Krishna was not able to tell Duryodhana because the way he behaved with Bhishma's advice. I tell you, liking for stupid things, uttering stupid words, behaving in a stupid way, is the self-destructive component of you. It is like a cancer. Nobody else is needed to kill you, destroy you. Nobody else is needed to destroy you. Krishna, the most powerful incarnation, most complete incarnation, the Poornavatar, he did not give up even on Shakuni!

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