May You Never Deny the Existence of Consciousness

July 10, 2016


03 July 2016 Satsang """ The kind of inner space you carry is you. You build your life based on the blue print of your life. Blessed are those who carry the Completion in their inner space or trying for Completion…"" reveals Paramahamsa Nithyananda, expanding deeper layers of sacred truths from the Shanti Mantra, Peace Invocation chant of the Kena Upanishad on 3rd July 2016, Nithya Satsang, from Varanasi. As one of the supreme peace mantra, this Shanti mantra teaches us to create Satsang in us, the company of truth, company of Completion, explaining the importance of being in community of people who have Completion in them or who are trying to live Completion or teaching others to have 'Completion' - the space of fulfilment; and teaches us to 'never deny the Existence of Brahman, the Cosmic Consciousness.."" Negating Existence, Brahman is likened to denying a board on which one writes 'there is no board.' or like denying the existence of a Father who has always nurtured us. His Holiness insists on dropping such misunderstood less informed cognitions about Brahman; and gives the message to all through this Shanti Mantra to DECLARE: māham brahma nirākuryām – May I never deny the existence of Brahman. mā mā brahma nirākarod – May Brahman never deny me or withdraw Its grace from me. Declare this and carry this space inside you."" Denying Existence is the mental setup of an atheist. He also reveals a profound component of the original Yoga System as revealed by Sadashiva, the Original Source of all Yoga Systems. Lord Sadashiva has revealed 'SHASTANGA - the six limbed yogic system' which is THE Original Yoga. In the SHASTANGA, the 5th limb or step is TARKA - which is intra-analyzing, arguing, debating with yourself or with a group the great truths of Life, till it becomes a foundation and base of your Life. And only with great Satsangis, the spiritual community tuned to Satsang, the company of truth such a 'Tarka' revealed by Sadashiva becomes possible. With completion you can change the structure of your inner space. Morning Yoga and Night Completion – is the essence of Nithyanandam, the core teaching of Paramahamsa Nithyananda."

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