Meditating on Darkness

January 14, 2008


From the works of living enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In this clip taken from the discourses, "Power of Darkness" and "Inner Darkness", Swamiji gives us a beautiful understanding of meditating on darkness. Darkness is the mother energy on which the whole world is moving. Connecting with darkness will completely remove all fears of death, depression. Swamiji tells us that by meditating on darkness one can get to a thoughtless state since thoughtlessness is colorlessness. In this clip Swamiji describes two techniques of Shiva to meditate on darkness. The technique requires us to experience the deep sleep state with awareness. He tells us that when we add awareness to deep sleep we fall into the state of Samadhi or enlightenment. The complete discourses may be ordered online at

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