Meditation Is Consciousness

April 23, 2012


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) answers questions from devotees. First is a request for information about Kala Bhairava. Paramahamsa shares a fascinating description about this fierce protecting form of Shiva. The second question asks for a comparison between the Akashic Records readings of Paramahamsa, and the channeling work done by Jane Roberts in the USA. Paramahamsa replies that he is not acquainted with channeling -- he will research the topic and respond later. Question Three brings up a familiar dilemma: how can we be in continuous meditation and also support our external lives? Paramahamsa assures us that meditation exactly enhances our exterior activities by giving us clarity and productivity. Question Four asks about Paramahamsa's wandering years, and reaps some delightful insights into those days from his life. Question Five inquires how to transform individual love into universal love. Paramahamsa tells us the only dividing factor is that in individual love, we love selectively -- we love only certain people and circumstances. Once we eliminate our prejudices we automatically open to universal love. The final question asks why yatra -- spiritual journey -- is so important, and why it is advisable to travel with an enlightened master. Paramahamsa answers that yatra takes us out of our cozy identity and opens us to new perceptions. The master's presence amplifies this process, creating an explosion of identity crisis in which our old being falls away and we crack open to the realization of enlightenment. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- The first question today is from Rajesh Chandramohan, IA Id No.: 77. Question: He is asking, "Dear Swamiji, our family, Dad, Mom and myself are overwhelmed and intimately attracted by your avatar of Karuppar Swami. We enjoyed the Maha Shivaratri via eNTv from Tiruvannamalai. The energy from Karuppar Swami during this Inner Awakening was also very intense and powerful. Please share your mystical experiences with Karuppar Swami (KalaBhairava). Swamiji: Rajesh Chandramohan, Understand, I will introduce the Kala Bhairava. In North India He is called Kala Bhairava and in South India as Karuppanna Swami. He is the causal body, the source from which everything comes out. Shiva has multiple dimensions. Please understand, when I am writing a book, I am a writer. When I am speaking, I am a orator. When I am initiating, I am Guru. When I am giving boon, I am God. So many of my dimension. But it is me in everything. Same way, Shiva has so many dimensions. Kala Bhairava is one of His dimension. Every action of Shiva becomes one dimension of Him and independent energy and graces people. So the Shiva who destroyed the ego of Brahma, and gave enlightenment to Brahma is Kala Bhairava. Suddenly, one day Brahma thought, I also have five head, Shiva also has five head. I can do everything whatever Shiva does and I am Shiva. Actually when you are Shiva, you will not feel you are Shiva. Others will feel you are Shiva. You will just feel only emptiness, that's all! But this Brahma has become little egoistic. Not only he has become egoistic, he started doing forgery work of Shiva. Whatever Shiva is supposed to do and this fellow started interfering; just Mahadeva threw a small nail from His finger and that nail assumed the form of Kala Bhairava, went and cut the head of Brahma, just like that casually. And that skull only is in the hands of Kala Bhairava; Brahma Kapala in the hands of Kala Bhairava and Brahma's ego was destroyed and he became enlightened. Then onwards he became useful to himself and to the world and deeply grateful to Shiva. So same energy came again in Pandya kingdom. In South India, to destroy the ego of a king. See, there was a king and Manickavasagar, a great saint was the Minister and the King told the Minister to go and buy horses for the army. He gave the money. And this saint when he was travelling, suddenly on the way he saw one enlightened being and he fell in love with that being and he became disciple. That enlightened being initiated the saint. Shiva Himself came as enlightened being and Manickavasagar, the saint became enlightened by that Shiva's initiation. And, he thought, why unnecessarily spend money and expand the army. I will create peace in the country. He spent all the money and built the temple for Shiva. Then, on the particular time the horses were not coming. King imprisoned that saint Manickavasagar. So Shiva Himself converted all the wolves and foxes which stays around Him in the cremation ground into horse. And came as a chief of the horse army sitting on the horse and handed over all these horses to King and went away. That night itself, all these horses became wolf again. Not only they became wolf again, they killed all the remaining horses which he already had in the army and ran away. King was shocked. Then he realized that Shiva Himself came; so he released the minister.

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