Meditation - Preventive and Curative (1st Aug 2004, Princeton, New Jersey)

May 11, 2020


HDH started traveling around the world when He was just 25 years of age in 2003. Even at that early age, He had the clear vision of establishing Kailasa, the enlightened civilization and greatest Hindu nation. In 2004, He undertook His second world tour, covering three regions - Malaysia, USA and South America. He visited 10 cities in the USA, conducting meditation programs, delivering free satsangs, and initiating the people with the Hindu Truths. In just His second world tour, He ordained 50 acharyas (teachers) who would carry forth the tenets of Hinduism to humanity at large. It is on this tour HDH delivered multiple breakthrough discourses on powerful sciences from Hinduism that are deeply relevant to the modern day. In this discourse, HE gives a glimpse of the Hindu context of medicine, esp about Meditation and its immense Curative and Preventive aspects which are even more relevant today. Disease-lessness is not health, it is but one aspect of health. Hinduism defines True health as a continuous positive attitude in mind and body, Health happens when this positive attitude is your center. Upanishads reveal that true health is a state when we don't even remember we have a body, when we forget our physical boundaries. In Medicine today, individuals, society, even nations put majority of focus on Curative methods, but Hinduism offers the right context to hold for health, as well as a whole slew preventative and curative offerings. As a civilization we need to wake up to this age-old truth and put more effort on Preventive Medicine and creating the continuous well-being which is true health. Modern-day Medicine has the limited understanding that our body is a Biomechanism, but the truth Hindu scriptures reveal is that Body is the expression of energy. Modern science is starting to discover this through research findings and diagnostic methods like Kirillian photography which photograph our energy body. Tune in for this fascinating discourse delivered by HDH on HIS world tour in 2004.

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