Mind of Spiritual Seeker: Patanjali Yoga Sutras 127 Nithyananda Message 1 Mar 2011

March 1, 2011


Living Incarnation and Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda today explained that through samyama, the image occupying another mind can be known. "Patanjali is making sure that you go on progressing and not being stagnant and get stuck. Being stuck with the wrong system is a waste of life. When you waste life without being creative or productive, especially after Inner Awakening, it will be a costly mistake. Patanjali is trying to avoid wastage through this sutra." "How to find the right Guru? He will go on pushing you to go on and on. Real peace is the explosion of the mind which asks for peace into pieces. What you ask for as peace is tamasic, chronic fatigue; you just want to jump into the cozy cave. You have to remember that your cave is inside my Himalayas." "Samadhi happens to a person whose Non-mechanical part of the brain is awakened. The mind which asks for peace has to be blown away. A real master will never run a resort, only a commune. A person who asks for a resort will never be allowed in the presence of a Living Master." "I am all for the extraordinary experiences and powers you go through during the samyama process but don't get down or stop there. Fulfillment happens in a space where there is no mind to be fulfilled. Enlightenment is continuous expansion. The experience goes on and on. There will be no board saying you have arrived. Enlightenment is not a destination, it's part of destiny." "In Vedic Tradition, the fear of backing out because the seekers may back out was the reason why the concept of Enlightenment was not discussed in an elaborate way. Through the 108 Upanishad, nowhere is Enlightenment discussed. The point where you experience Enlightenment is a non-return zone." "Knowing the other person's mind happens in you when you become more silent. Why are you running behind what the other is thinking when you don't even know what you are thinking?! If you relax and settle down in your mind, you will know what the others are thinking." The 2 sacred sentiments in this sutra are - 1. Knowing what happens in another person's mind is not everything. 2. These kind of siddhis can be encouraged. When it happens, be aware. There are no 'you have arrived' boards in your inner journey, only non-return zones. "So go on and on. Know clearly, only the point where you cannot remember the person who started this journey, you are enlightened. That is the space of Enlightenment. That is the space of Jivan Mukthi."

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