Mothers Day - Nithyananda Jayanthi Morning Message - 28 Dec 2010

over 12 years ago


Living enlightened master and avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke on the Monthers' Day as a part of the Jayanthi celebrations. He dedicated this day to the divine mother consciousness and described feminine worship and mother worship as the unique contribution of the Vedic tradition to the spiritual civilization. He says that all religions have mother worship in some way of the other. All religions have two parts: religious nut and two spiritual fruit. Nut part is masculine based and fruit is devi worship. All spiritual group civilizations have this mother worship and that contribution that mother worship is from vedic civilization, vedic tradition. All the rivers, all the sacred things of nature everything is feminine for us. His message for mother's day is whatever you mother, you will become that. If you mother violence, anger and low self esteem you will become that. If you are mothering super consciousness, highest truths you will become that. So decide on mother's day to mother cosmos in you. Start mothering cosmos. If you mother the cosmos, you will become mother of the cosmos. Continuously mother cosmic consciousness inside you by unclutching. Live these great truths by mothering it again & again. Mothering cosmos is what I call unclutching. Unclutching from ordinary things so that you can mother cosmos inside. He says Maatru bhaava (connecting to the Master or Cosmos as Mother) makes the energy expression very quick and strong. You may be in the body of a female or body of a male but if you start mothering the cosmos inside you, you will become cosmic mother.

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