Move from Probability to Possibility

May 12, 2014


In today's (2014 May 08 ) morning Satsang from Varanasi Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke about the Aghori tradition, Aghoris are direct sons of Kalabhairavaa his other sons may be adopted but Aghoris are his biological sons and are part of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. He returned to the living Advaitha Process encouraging us to pen down the reality we want to cause in our life without thought of impossibility and share it with the teamily who have done the same. TRANSCRIPTS:- Let us move to today's satsangh. LIVING ADVAITHA! Some more cities have joined. There are many regular ones: Camus-Hong Kong, Indrani-New Jersey, Devon-UK. I think they are the regular ones. Tallahassee-Florida.... I welcome all of you with my love and respects. I gave a few days' time for the Living Advaitha process participants for the homework, the homework of penning down the reality you want to cause, and each one in your teamily, the reality they want to cause, share it with the whole teamily. Listen! Incarnation is the person who makes the ultimate spiritual truth psychologically easy to practice in every Age. Listen! In every Age, the human-beings' psychology changes. Your fears change, your love changes, your greed changes, your pain changes, your difficulties change, your comfort changes. See, in the time of Rama, the fear of people was animals, demons. That is why he has to be all the time with bow and arrow and he has to show himself as master of bow and arrow. But, now, we don't need bow and arrow, because, through bow and arrow, I cannot protect any of you. Forget about protecting me, I cannot protect any of you, because our fears have changed, our pains have changed. It is no more the wild animals threatening us. We are threatening their existence! It is no more our fear. Our fears have changed. Demons don't come with big teeth; they come with OB van! I am not saying all OB vans are demons. Listen! So, our fears have changed, our pains have changed, our comforts have changed, our way of thinking has changed. In every Age, please listen, if these seven items change, means -- our greed, our fear, our concerns, worries, and the way what we think as life, and the comparison, the way we compare, and our identity, and our satisfaction of life; means, our lifestyle. These seven, all these seven are related to your seven Energy Centres, Chakras. If these seven change, if all these seven change, one Age has changed, one Yuga is over. Please understand, I am defining Yuga. If these seven change, one new Yoga has happened. In every Yuga, your psychology functions in a different way. I will repeat: Your desire -- Mooladhara, Your fears -- Swadishtana, Your concerns -- Manipuraka, What you think as love, what you love -- Anahata, With which you compare yourself -- Vishuddhi, Your identity, with what you identify yourself -- Ajna, Lifestyle -- Sahasrara, if these seven change, one Yuga changes, one Age is over. In every Age, naturally your psychology functions in a different way. Beings who happen in every Age and make the ultimate principles, Advaitha, user-friendly, easily applicable, easily practiseable in your day-to-day life, are "incarnations". This whole teamily process, making you experience Advaitha with people around you, with your body..... Please understand, I am not lying. You can actually make your organs listen to you! You can just say, 'Hey, liver, what, from today morning you are doing some gada bada, gada bada! Heal yourself!' Or your heart: 'What are you up to? Why are you so fast? Get settled!' You can talk to them. They will listen to you. Just a little Completion is required for that. That's all. You build certain incompletions. See, just like you build some incompletion with your friend, you are not on talking terms with him, same way, you build incompletions with your organs, you are not on talking terms with them. Just because you are not on talking terms with them, don't think you can never talk to them. With your body, with the people around you, bringing Advaitha is my way of teaching you to make Advaitha user-friendly, understand? This is the best, most efficient way of making the ultimate principles as your lifestyle day-to-day, user-friendly, practical, most easiest. Please understand, what I am sharing with you is the message for this Yuga! Ultimate principles are same. What Vasishta taught Rama, Krishna taught Arjuna, Mahadeva taught to Devi, Kapila taught to his own mother, I am teaching to you, the ultimate principle is the same. See, when I assume your psychology and your physiology, means, this time available physiology and psychology, and.....

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