Move from words to experience

December 18, 2013


In today's morning satsang from Bali Paramahamsa Nithyananda continued to expand on being a catalyst to pour life energy into reality. He exhorted us to be a heart for others because the heart gives beautiful guidance and nobody needs another head, one is more than enough. He encouraged us to complete with all the obstacles and self doubts and make enriching others a reality. This process is so powerful it has only to be experienced. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today Nithyananda Brahmotsava. Poorvanga Utsavas, Poorvanga Pujas second day happening. Kalabhairava and Mahakali are worshipped today. And, Inner Awakening sixteenth day. So tomorrow, Brahmotsava starts. And, today, Margazhi month, Dhanur Maasa beginning. And, today is Poornima, and we have Maheshwara Puja. Tomorrow the Pada Yatra starts from Tiruvannamalai. Wow the festival season has started! The uniqueness of Hinduism is, every day three festivals will be there. In 365 days, we will be celebrating thousand festivals. Morning something, noon something, evening something. And, today is Full Moon Day! So, night there is a beautiful celebration today night there is a surprise celebration! So, all over the world all the temples please start the Brahmotsava arrangements. You may have to raise the Flag day-after-tomorrow Indian Standard Time 5:30 evening. So, evening is the right time. So, Nithyanandotsava begins 18th! Today, in the Inner Awakening, we will be working to continue to pour the life energy into the reality. Then we will move to the next session. Today we will be having Healers Initiation -- Ananda Gandha Deeksha. And, above all, today we will be having Maheshwara Puja. I will continue to expand on how making others' reality will become directly helpful to make your personal reality. Somebody was asking me the question: 'I have to make others' cause into reality, but when I enrich them for Inner Awakening they say they have to go for vacation, these reasons they give. What should I do?' Understand, vacation is not going to make their cause into reality. IA is going to make their cause into reality. You can give them that intelligence. Earlier I said, 'Be a hand, not a head'. You don't need to be a head, but be a heart! Heart gives the right guidance. Heart teaches to people. Heart gives beautiful guidance. I am just wondering what more words I can add on this subject, because there are some things only when you live, the new energies will open up in you, new experiences will open up in you. I can only describe how the food will look and how the food will taste, how it will be if you eat that food; but end of the day you have to eat. The eating has to be done by you! One side it feels there is so much to tell! I can tell you one thing, all the obstacles you have to complete the other person's reality, all the obstacles you have please complete with it. To make others' reality, to enrich others, whatever obstacles you have, complete and make it as reality. Please understand. It is very rare I feel there are no more words I can tell. I can articulate anything, but suddenly I am feeling this one has to be experienced. Whatever remains in you as obstacle to enrich others, to cause others' reality, complete with them. I can say that this process is so powerful, I can give only instruction. See, if there are some new processes about which you need to be convinced, I need to explain, expand, inspire you, enrich you; but this process is so powerful, any number of words I cannot do justice to this process by defining or inspiring, explaining. I only can give instruction: 'Do this, this, this, this.' First, complete with whatever obstacles you have. I feel because you guys are not able to complete these obstacles this whole program is stuck. Last two days I feel we are stuck. Today we have to break! We can't be stuck anymore! We will have to move with this subject. We have to move with what I want to do for you guys in this program. How many of you really want to move with what I want to do? Then it is time we break being stuck with this pattern. Please understand, it is your reluctance brings inefficiency. Still you are not convinced some part; that is what continues to exist in you as inefficiency. If you are not effective on you, you will be inefficient. Please listen, any concept, the effect it creates on you will be the efficiency it creates on you. Effect and efficiency will be one and the same. Still the concept has not created complete effect. I think still there is some part need to be effected; that is what is waiting to become efficiency. Relate with anyone who you see with the confidence that you carry this space; it will work on other person. I tell you, complete with all the reluctance, complete with all the self-doubts, complete with all the self-denials. Only if you break all these patterns, the master energy, being a leader, that kind of energy breaks from you.

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