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In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) continues his discussion of authenticity with the example of Nachiketa, a young prince who saw his father behaving disrespectfully to the gods. Nachiketa took responsibility for his father's inauthenticity -- pretending to worship but not enacting the inward spirit of devotion. Without insulting his father, he wanted to protect him from falling out of integrity, so he offered himself to appease the gods. He acts as a team member for his father, a subject and supporter, not attempting to displace his king's authority. Nithyananda warns his followers that anyone who believes himself to be a team leader is a failure: everyone stands authentically only as members of a team. This creates the possibility of peaceful co-existence with all humanity. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- So I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. There are some more kids in Malaysia. Premikananda. She will go on nagging me in the facebook. If she knows I am online that's all takatakataka..... 25 messages come before I attend one or two emails you see. Before I attend some messages, some 25 messages will come. And in half-n-hour she will miss me 25 times.I will say,"You should know your dad has some other work also. It's not that he has only one daughter. But earlier I did not have this much of patience. Now I decided. I am going to handle them with all my patience. Little senior kids they understand. He is really really busy, small kids they don't understand but I decided I am going to cope up with even small kids. Of course my gurukul kids are all Nachiketha, they never ask for attention. All over the world all of you should know all my Gurukul kids, each one of them are mentoring one one ashramite, bramhachari or bramhacharini, most of the time 7 or 8 year old children are mentoring their father and mother. Please understand and they are really doing well. That's the beauty, they are really doing well. And they are able to transform my ashramites which I am not able to do. Which I was struggling to do. So all the gurukul kids are ably assisting me in my sangha. Understand. They are ably assisting me in my sangha and so I am going to take a inner Awakening 11 days for ashramite, in that gurukul kids also will be participating. That 11 days no school for gurukul kids. They will be having directly sessions from me. What's the dates Ma? 15th to 23 Jan. So Gurukul is already vacation. But some of them will be going to their homes See, there are 2 batches. Jan 15th to 23rd one batch and Jan 28th to Feb 3rd second batch. Hmm.. See if your mentor is attending then you have to be in the same batch. So if your child is in Gurukul understand, you are literally supporting my Sangha by giving one person from your life, from your family. Because they are very ably assisting me, in my mission. See my mission is all about having authenticity and integrity. It is not about any other efficiency. With authenticity, integrity and responsibility, the word efficiency is too small. You just explode. I also commit with my gurukul kids, within this year I will build the whole gurukul like Vasishta's gurukul. This is my commitment to the gurukul kids. The same type of landscape and the NDTV Ramayana had done a very good job by studying the original Ramayana and making that kind of a Landscape and ambiance available. We will also dig out the original Ramayana, Valmiki's Ramayana and get an ambiance built. I think very soon I will be known for my gurukul. I am going to put that much of energy intelligence and time into it. And the infrastructure. Making infrastructure available. So beautiful. Now I can see Oman-Sivagangai also. But again Kashi is missing. Where is he? Tell him Kalabhairava is calling. Alright to day I have a very beautiful thing. The Bhagavad Gita printed edition of first Three volumes, I am releasing. In Tamil. I sincerely congratulate and thank and bless my Tamil publication team for their hard work. Paripporani, Supriya and all the other editors, volunteers, please stand up. Give a good hand for them. Come forward ma. All Tamil publication. Show in Nithyananda Tv. Ma who else worked for Bhagavad-Gita? Balaji Printers. They are here? Please come forward. I sincerely thank them and bless them for the wonderful work they have done. You know, how much beating our Tamil publication department got? God! So many fellows cheated us. Swindled our money, books, printed, which we gave for printing, the money did not come back, so much of abuse and volunteers left. So much Tamil publication department suffered. But with all that, with authenticity and strength these guys stood up. Stood up and I know it is, this whole book is only, see from my side it is only my saliva, just words, I have not put any other effort. From their side it is their blood. They have put their blood, to get these books out. And I also wanted to tell you guys, don't think only three volumes have come.

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