Naciketa, The First Ideal Child Hero For Humanity

July 11, 2015


Nithya Satsang (10July2015) on Kathopanishad, the book of Dead & Death for humanity, Paramahamsa Nithyananda outlines the amazing true character of Naciketa, the first ever ideal child hero for humanity, who became the source of enlightenment for millions to come. Under age 7, Naciketa is the power of ferocious innocence and fearlessness, who was possessed by Authenticity, 'Shraddha Aviveśa'. Ability to live, holding on to what you understand as truth, there Naciketa stands as hero. Knowing his source of life depended on his father, the king Vajashravas, Naciketa reminds his father, gently without hurting him or throwing any tantrum about his inauthenticity of gifting useless items, like a garage sale, and calling it charity! Naciketa, with the non-violent authority of his authencity, stared into his father and ""stayed"" with what he felt was TRUTH. The real hero for India is Naciketa and every Gurukul at the Nithyananda ashrams will have Naciketa's statues reminding what an exordinary boy he IS who became immortal. Today's topic for Vakyartha Sadas, the explorations into Truth is – Naciketa, is he throwing tantrum or is he behaving authentically? What is throwing tantrum? What is behaving authentically? "

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