Natural Principles of Masculine & Feminine Physiology

August 5, 2016


Paramahamsa Nithyananda continues intercepting the first verse or mantra of the Kenopanishad, the second primary Upanishad in Nithya Satsang from Varanasi on 12th July 2016. Illuminating the pure beauty of Upanishads, He explains that the ‘pure questioning’ in the form of poetry reveals to us the amazing renunciation with extraordinary romance – which is both masculine and feminine principles in their wholeness. He points out the powerful lies taught to us that – if you are logical, rational, you cannot be poetic, if you are masculine, you cannot be feminine. By doing so, our muscle memory is denied certain ability to flow and we deny our other part. We need to grow with the natural principles of male and female physiology, carrying the consciousness based understanding, and not the societal conditionings which are the wrong beliefs that suppress one part of us. He gives the lesson for Nithyananda Gurukuls – Do not brand your body as male or female and constantly program it. Let it function with the male and female qualifies naturally, freely. The topic for Spiritual Discussions and Exploration, called ‘Vaakyartha Sadas’ in Samskrit is – “Meditate today on the pure inner space where the masculine and feminine principles exist but not the social conditioning of being male and female. The natural principles of being male and female and social conditioning of masculine and feminine concepts. What are the natural physiological principles and what are the social conditioning? How we mix it up and mess it up?

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