Never Tolerate InTolerance

September 18, 2014


In today’s (18 September 2014) morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke about Sankhya; Liberated Thinking and its founder Kapila Muni, who is also the founder of MahaNirvani Akadha. He told us that three great perfected sages were members of MahaNirvani Akadha and disciples of Kapila Muni. They are Krishna, Buddha and Christ who were all great liberated thinkers. The first university-monastery complex on planet earth was formed around Kapila Muni for the study of Sankhya-Liberated Thinking. TRANSCRIPTS:- The good news for everyone: From today, we will continue to have our satsanghs. Now I am able to manage, push myself to do morning satsanghs. And we will have morning satsanghs! The best news: I will be speaking on Kapila's Sankhya philosophy! Kapila's Sankhya Philosophy! Sankhya is the Science of Liberated Thinking. Please understand, I will formally introduce the scripture on which I am going to speak in the next few days. Kapila himself has written beautiful books:- Kapila Gita and Sankhya Sutras. Many books directly composed by Kapila, I will start expanding on some of those with the basic theme of Liberated Thinking. Please understand, one of the biggest mistakes Hindus did in course of time I don't even want to say the word "mistake" one of the biggest dilutions happened in Hinduism is, we started believing that the liberated person will be in the "no mind" state. Understand, he is in the "no mind" state where there is no thinking, but you cannot even think about that state! His thinking is not like yours, but that does not mean he is shut. Because, you functioned only with thoughts, the moment you listen "no mind" or "no thinking", or "beyond thinking", you think it is shut, because you have a deep hatred for thinking, you have a deep hatred for action. Because you have a deep hatred for thinking, you have a deep hatred for action. You have a deep hatred for thinking, you have a deep hatred for action. You always think "enlightened being", "enlightened state" means no action, no thinking. Understand, beyond action, beyond thinking, beyond mind, "no mind" does not mean no action, no thinking. This is one of the biggest mistakes, dilutions which happened in course of time. That is why constantly you try to project that Ramana Maharshi means he should always be lying down (resting), an enlightened being means, he should all the time be in "non-action". Sankhya, the first and foremost Hindu philosophy! You should not even use the word "philosophy", but because of no words, I am using the word "philosophy". "Philosia", formost word, foremost philosia, darshana. In Sanskrit we have the word "darshana". Sankhya is called as "darshana", "philosia", not "philosophy". The foremost darshana! Actually, it is the darshana from which all the other darshanas evolved, including Vedanta, including Advaitha. This is the most foolproof, most powerful, most original way of thinking, way of living, way of existing. Sankhya, the ultimate way of existing! I can give you some of the very important clarity, development, understanding, unique to Sankhya. If Shri Krishna was an Advaithi, he would never have waged the war or asked Arjuna to wage the war. When Arjuna wanted to become a Sannyasi, Krishna would have said, Come on, it is enough! I am going to Dwaraka. You go to wherever you want. But Krishna was a Sankhya. Understand, never tolerate the intolerant. Listen! Never tolerate the people who cannot tolerate. END OF SATSANG:- So, in the form of paying gratitude to Kapila Muni, this next one year I will expand on, at least one year I will expand on Liberated Thinking of Kapila Muni, the Sankhya philosophy, the Sankhya philosia, Sankhya darshana of Kapila Muni. And this one year, in all our campuses other than Bidadi, all our campuses, anybody who wants to listen to these satsanghs can come and stay. All our campuses will accommodate, and share the food and accommodation we have with whoever wants to come and stay and study the great science of Liberated Thinking, the principles of Kapila Muni, on the same lines of Mahanirvani Akhada, to give gratitude to Kapila Muni. Kapila Muni taught in this way. Whoever came, he shared his food, shelter with them, taught them the great science of Liberated Thinking. In this campus, Bidadi campus, people are getting trained for sannyas. Other than this campus, in any campus all over the world which is inspired by me, somewhere sometimes founded by me, sometimes inspired by me, sometimes founded by me, all over the world, in all the campuses, people are free to come and stay and attend the satsangh every day..... Click for FULL Transcripts:-

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