Nithyananda Purnima - Paramahamsa Nithyananda's 25th Enlightenment Day

June 14, 2014


In today's (12th June, 2014) morning satsang the celebration of Nithyananda Purnima, Paramahamsa Nithyananda's 25th enlightenment day began with Nithya Keerthan which was followed by the Inauguration of Gurukuls in Tiruvanamali and Hyderabad. Then Swamiji stated that anything you want to achieve in the outer world you have to work for it and if you want to express the state of Advaitha you must work from it. Self driving happening from the Self is Enlightenment. He told us to contemplate and do manana on this truth. Why do we celebrate Nithyananda Purnima? Nithyananda Purnima is celebrated to recall the enlightenment of our beloved Swamiji at the tender age of eleven. As we all know, even as a young child, Swamiji used to practice meditation, yoga and intense spiritual disciplines. One of these was a powerful meditation technique for identifying the source of one's thoughts. On this very day, 25 years ago, on the auspicious full moon day of Vaikasi Vishakha, the young child was sitting at his favorite meditation spot, the Coral Hill, on the sacred Arunachala mountain, and playing with this meditation technique. It was the beautiful evening time of sandhya, when the setting sun was meeting the rising full moon. Suddenly, the boy in meditation realized with a shock that even with closed eyes, he could see EVERYTHING around him -- the hill in front of him, the moon rising behind him, the temple on one side, the rocks on the other side, the sky above and the rock on which he was sitting. He could see everything in a single sweep, in a panoramic 360* vision! And the very next moment, he experienced -- 'Everything is ME!' With this powerful experience, he awakened to his own enlightened state, and fell into Samadhi and intense bliss. This realization of enlightenment was to stay with him forever. Every year, on Nithyananda Purnima, devotees worldwide gather to recall the momentous happening, and taste the same space of enlightenment in Swamiji's powerful divine presence. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today is Nithyananda Poornima! Between the age of eleven over and twelve running, that is the age, I had this experience on this very day in the evening in Tiruvannamalai. We can see Tiruvannamalai-Pavizhakundru is also on two-way video-conferencing; puja is happening at the exact place where I had enlightenment, the exact rock on which I had enlightenment. And, today is also the utsava of Thiru Jnana Sambandhar's mukthi. The Guru Puja of Thiru Jnana Sambandhar starts today, and for the next three days the utsava will be held. Thiru Jnana Sambandhar and his Guru Puja is celebrated throughout our Sangha. On this auspicious day of Thiru Jnana Sambandhar's Guru Puja Utsavam and my enlightenment day --I am trying to count the years; between eleven and twelve it first happened; may be, I don't know, twenty-five years, or... -- on this auspicious day we are inaugurating formally the Nithyananda Gurukul in Tiruvannamalai. Through this announcement I am formally inaugurating Nithyananda Gurukul in Tiruvannamalai. And Tiruvannamalai Gurukul already has thirty-one kids! Thirty-one kids are there! My blessings! Tiruvannamalai Gurukul I am inaugurating on this exact day as a symbol. I am committing every kid in Tiruvannamalai Gurukul, I will make them enlightened, give this very experience! That is why symbolically I am inaugurating on this very day of my enlightenment day. My blessings to our Tiruvannamalai Nithyananda Sangha and all the kids, all the teachers, all the students, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars and Shrimahants of Gurukul! So, we are actually celebrating today, the twenty-fifth Enlightenment Day. Twenty-four years back it happened; so, twenty-fifth Enlightenment Day. And blessings to Tiruvannamalai Nithyananda Gurukul! Today I am also formally inaugurating the Hyderabad Nithyananda Gurukul. In Hyderabad Nithyananda Gurukul, as on now we have two students. It is happening. Formally I am inaugurating the Nithyananda Gurukul, Hyderabad, today. I have always seen, anything we start in Tiruvannamalai immediately starts flourishing; means, spreading all over the world. The moment we started the branch in Tiruvannamalai, all over the world branches have started happening. Now, I know, the moment we started Gurukul in Tiruvannamalai, all over the world Nithyananda Gurukuls will start happening. It is so beautiful! Bidadi is offering 108 naivedhyams to Nithyanandeshwara, Nithyanandeshwari, and Nithyananda, and Thiru Jnana Sambandhar, on this auspicious day, the twenty-fifth Enlightenment Day and Thiru Jnana Sambandhar's Guru Puja Mahotsava. Today I just wanted to express my message on this Enlightenment Day in a few lines. Please listen!

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