No Mind State: Patanjali Yoga Sutras 115 - Nithyananda Satsang 9 Feb 2011

February 9, 2011


Living Incarnation and Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda started off his discourse with a riddle: "How can no mind state be explained and interpreted by mind? Very difficult, almost impossible. Only a mind which is in no mind and which can relate with the mind can tell about no mind to mind." Without wasting the time in unnecessary efforts Patanjali is trying to explain a technical term called nirodha parinama. People again and again have a strong doubt, how can mind with so much thoughts and perversions, lead us to no mind space beyond mind? Because for any thought to disappear, you need some other thought to come there. How is unclutching possible from unclutching? If this is answered logically to you, suddenly 95% of your spiritual sadhanas (practices) won't be required. By sadhana, your consciousness goes deeper and deeper and you make the qualitative breakthroughs in the consciousness, nirodha parinama. The qualitative shift in your inner space is responsible for your change. A friend's house is never far away, so if enlightenment is your friend, the sadhana will never be far away or difficult, if you feel it's boring and difficult, then still enlightenment has not become a friend for you, the qualitative breakthrough, the qualitative shift in your consciousness. He instructed everyone to do the following exercise: "Please understand, till tomorrow morning, have liquid diet, the sharp part of your brain which is responsible for remembering smarana gets into marana 'death' if you have solid food. If you can, have a little Neem juice, it makes remembrance strong. Meditate on this one question, 'how can my mind with so many questions lead to the no mind state? How can this lead me to the space where there is no thought?" "Please understand, I'm giving you the clear technology, just understanding this can lead you to enlightenment. I'm not joking. I wanted to do this working on Yoga Sutra and Brahma Sutras as a mystery school. Every day I want to give you the proper technology, prepare you and be ready to take you to the next level, I want to strike when the iron is hot, after hitting, I'll cool it tomorrow and day after tomorrow I'll make it permanent." Tomorrow's discourse will continue with this 'no mind' technology.

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