Non Duality is the Axis of Life

June 3, 2014


In today's (13th May, 2014) morning satsang from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on Living Advaitha. He revealed that any field such as physics, mathematics, chemistry ,religion, dance, music, is complete when it reaches Advaitha. The Core Truth of Advaitha has the ability to complete everything. Non duality is the Strategy for solving all problems. Apply Advaitha and you will have an eternal solution to any situation in life. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I will expand on the same science of Living Advaitha. One aspect of Living Advaitha is remembering and understanding that the axis of life itself is Advaitha. Please understand, the centre on which life is functioning is Advaitha. I can give you tons and tons and tons of examples, whether in the line of Physics, Mathematics, emotions, Atomic Science. I am not even opening the doors of metaphysical, because, with metaphysics you always think, 'Oh, it is all subjective.' No! I am saying, anything which is objective, what you think it can be verified. But, ultimately, your science is subjective, metaphysics is objective. It will take a little time for you to grasp. So, let me talk in your language. Metaphysics is the most objective, foolproof, truth as it is. Whatever you know as science is all subjective; "corrupt space", that is the right word I have to use! Don't think just the Pharmaceutical Industry is polluted by the people who fund researches. The companies which fund the study, researches, manipulate the result; and they fund only that kind of scientists, researches, who already came to the conclusion of what conclusion they are carrying. They actually ask for the Pilot Study. Why this Pilot Study? Just to see which stupid fellow is matching with the stupidity they are carrying. So heavily corrupted! Please understand, even though it is heavily corrupted, not just Pharmaceutical Industry I am talking about, I am talking about even the fields where researches are happening, even this "God Particle" about which recently they were talking. I studied so many articles about this "God Particle". Somehow, at the end, somehow they want to miss the context; they don't want people to catch the context. Because, if you catch the context, Advaitha will become reality! Understand, Advaitha is not "One God" theory. The "One God" theory is not Advaitha. The "One God" religions don't want you to catch the truth of the "God Particle". May be, one day, I will expand on the whole, whatever we know, whatever already the world knows about "God Particle" through science, and whatever already the world knows about "God Particle" through metaphysical science, and, finally, from my own experience, the right context through which you need to look at the concept of "God Particle" and understand. For that I will have to give a separate satsangh. Let me today give this clarity which I want to give. Whether the science of the so-called outer world, or the science which you call as subjective, the ignorant leaders of humanity have brainwashed you so thoroughly, anything which questions them, they call it as brainwashing! Baaah!!! No, really! Anything which questions them, they call it as brainwashing! The whole concept of this education system which is practiced all over the world, especially practiced with cult-like fanaticism in India, I wanted to question that whole thing. Do you know that the largest business industry in India today is Education? It is just destroying human-beings! Whether it is the outer-world science, inner-world science, the way you have been brainwashed that Metaphysics is subjective, and the so-called science is objective...! I tell you, whether it is Physics or Metaphysics, in any field, this is the statement I wanted to make: In any field when you look at the core, it is Advaitha! Any field is complete when it reaches the truth of Advaitha. Any field is complete when it reaches the truth of Advaitha. Listen! Even religion becomes complete with it reaches the truth of Advaitha. Ganga became complete with she reached Varanasi. Understand, only in Varanasi she is turning towards her origin -- North! That is why, in Varanasi, she is called "Uttara Vaahini" -- "flowing towards the North". Why will a river flow towards the origin? Because, she wants to have darshan of Vishwanatha! The moment she touches Vishwanatha's feet, gets darshan, she is complete now; she lets go and merges with Varuna Raja. Understand, even Metaphysics is Complete when it reaches Advaitha. I really wanted this to be done. I know my Bala Sants, my gurukul kids will fulfil this: Doing a vast study on non-duality, how non-duality is the axis of everything! Everything!

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