One decision can change Your life

April 16, 2014


16th April, 2014 Morning Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda Achieving the space of Advaita Satsang Notes: • Life is not difficult , but you have to do it. • Mahadeva is God of EVERYTHING • GURU is the GOD of Making YOU DECIDE. ÿ Making you decide, even Mahadev can never do. ÿ That is why even He has to assume the form of Guru to teach Science of Enlightenment , ÿ But , HE cannot command you , HE can only remind. • It is a STRAIGHTFORWARD DECISION. • You are the only GOD of DECISION. • Even Mahadev in the form of Guru can only recommend, if you decide to cheat Guru , then no one can do anything. • No one has put you in suffering, no one is even interested in torturing you , but you go on abusing Guru who came to help to you get rid of the wrong decision. • Helping you to get out of the wrong decision is what Guru does. • Mata Cha parvati devi , bandava shiva bakdhascha , svathesho bhuvanatrayam. • VAK Siddhi -- you will not tell anything non- integrated. You will be integrated to your space. • Integrity is like accumulating wealth • Just decide from today , you will be integrated. Just go on maintaining this for 21 days. • Just stop dumping non integrity to your Vak. -- within 21 days, you achieve Vak Siddhi. • Authenticity is like being authentic to who you are • If you become authentic, you become like a Reserve Bank. • Past mess up is not at all considered. • Past mess has NO PowEr over you. • Even if you had technical mess due to your past mess up ,my powers are there as saviour for you as you are practising my teaching. • The moment you start practising today -- all your past gets cleared. • All d past messing up HAS NO POWER OVER YOU -- FIRST UNDERSTANDING YOU NEED TO HAVE WITH KB. - KB looks at you as new. If you think I did not forgive your past mistakes, you are destroying your life. - I will go on reminding you about your past mistake for you to decide to change. - Time is not wine. The more older the past the tastier. Time is tea. The more hotter, the more tastier. - If I am constantly poking you at your past, I am requesting you to change. Once you decide to change , I am the first person to forget your past. - The moment your decisions are changed, your life is changed. • Life is all about changing your decisions. • Openness is not vulnerability, Openness is like a vajra ( Powerfulness ) . - Openness is the greatest visualisation you can reside in ( Bhavana ) • UNDERSTAND, It is all about deciding to live in the space of Advaita. • The moment you decide you will see 1008 confusions disappear. • I give you few more days to pen down your incompletions and to achieve your authenticity. • You WILL NOT SHOW sympathy nor exploit them with their incompletions. You will only support them to get out of their incompletions. • Now, decide not to be stuck with incompletion. Decide to experience the power of Adaita - Joy of Adaita - Experience the Knowledge of Advaita. . IT IS YOUR DECISION -- decision to have advaita anubudhi, siddhi, gnana. TRANSCRIPTS:- Understand, Time is not wine, the past things; the older it is, the tastier. Time is tea; the more hot it is, the tastier. Understand, Time is not wine; the more older it is, the more tastier. Time is tea; the more hot and fresh it is, the more tastier! Time does not treat you, Kaala does not treat you looking at your past. It is attacking you, it is just asking you, reminding you to change your decision. If I am constantly poking at your past, it means I am just requesting you to change your decision. The moment you change your decision, I will be the first person to forget your past. I have already programmed you. I have already programmed me! Understand, I have already told Kaala, Mahakaala, the moment a disciple has changed the way of decision-making in the right direction, all his past, not only I will forget, even he will forget! It won't be a weight on you anymore. Same way, when somebody runs away, does not want to be part of me or my Sangha, please understand, even in that place, everything you learned from me will be forgotten! Not only me forgetting about him, whatever great things, good things he received from us will be forgotten. Please listen! The moment your decisions are changed, your life is changed! The moment your decisions are changed, your life will change! Life is all about changing your decision. Even now the whole teamily work, making Advaitha practical, living Advaitha work, there is no work for you. It is not difficult, but you have to DECIDE!

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