Oneness Is A Spiritual Power

March 30, 2015


Today’s (29th March, 2015) Nithya Satsang on Isha Upanishad Series, in Living Advaita. Paramahamsa Nithyananda intercepts into the finer, subtler truths on ‘Spiritual Powers of Ekatvam, Oneness’ the energy current of verse 7. Oneness must become our experiential thought current, for unless some great truth produces results, we are not going to live it. Our life is a long bargain. Every experience we accumulated is worthy to be exchanged for the powerful Oneness experience. He, then reveals the technique to blossom the Oneness – our conscious decision to empower the Oneness experience makes that into Reality. Vedic tradition is the preparation to live and leave the body in the best way, till we achieve Oneness with Cosmos. Guru is the being who makes fashion statement about the experience of Oneness. Isha Upanishad – Verse 7 yasmin sarvāṇi bhūtany ātmaivābhūd vijānataḥ | tatra ko mohaḥ kaḥ śoka ekatvam anupaśyataḥ || 7 || Today’s essence and Vakyartha Sadas, topic for spiritual explorations on truth is – How can I give more and more attention to my Oneness experience and strengthen it. Putting your attention to the experience of Oneness, thinking about it, feeling about it, contemplating about it, entertaining it, what all the ways we can encourage, enrich Oneness in our being. What are the ways, we can make Oneness as the fashion statement, encourage, enrich, strengthen Oneness in our lives. How we can make that oneness as our very part, very core of our being.

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