Oneness is Not One

June 15, 2014


In today's (14th June, 2014) morning Satsang , from Hyderabad, Parahamsa Nithyananda spoke about Non-Dual Consciousness. He informed us that Non-Dual Consciousness with everyone and everything is the purpose of life. He explained how one and oneness are not equal and how those who make a system for Non-Dual Consciousness are religious leaders and those who make a theory of Non-Dual Consciousness are philosophers. Then he guided us through a process for experiencing Non-Dual Consciousness. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today's satsangh, I wanted to expand on HOW TRUTH WILL BE, WHAT TRUTH IS WHEN YOU EXPRESS DIRECTLY, directly from the highest consciousness without mixing, matching, without mincing words. Please understand, the experience of truth as it is, is so subtle, so beautiful, it can be transmitted just by the right words itself, please listen, it can be transmitted just by the right word. Right listening of the right word is enough for you to experience the truth. All the cities sitting with us all over the world, please listen! I didn't read out all the cities names, not because I didn't see you; I can see you; but I just wanted to get into the satsangh directly, so I got into the satsangh. If you can see me and hear me, just wave your hands for audio check. (Online cities wave their hands). Good! Listen! Now listen! Before the satsangh I was just sipping tea. Suddenly I felt, exactly, directly, without waiting.... Without waiting for your listening if I speak, that is Upanishad. Without waiting for my speaking if you start listening, that is Upanishad. Without waiting for your listening if I just start speaking the truth as it is, that is what Dakshinamurthy is doing. Whether you listen or not, he is showering! He goes on! Same way, whether Guru speaks or not, if you are sitting in the space of listening, you are in Upanishad. A real Master goes on speaking whether the disciple listens or not. A real disciple goes on listening whether the Master speaks or not. I just thought, if I straight start speaking the truth as it is what I will speak, let me speak those words today without bothering about whether you understand or not, whether you listen or not. Today I am going to speak that only, and I am speaking that only. Oneness, listen, Oneness is not one. Please understand, Oneness should not be equated to one. This understanding is very important. Oneness is experienced. One is a mathematical number. Oneness is God, God is not one. Oneness is God, God is not one. The non-dual consciousness, with everyone, everything, please listen, the non-dual consciousness with everyone and everything is the purpose of life. And the oneness you experience in the non-dual state cannot be equated to one. When you try to equate that oneness to one, all the mess-ups start, dilution, destruction, delusion starts, then the fight whether "one" or "two" or "many" starts. A very important thing you need to know, whether in Advaitha or Visishta Advaitha or Dwaitha, Oneness only is experienced. Please understand, whether it is Advaitha, Dwaitha, Visishta Advaitha, Oneness only is experienced. But when you try to equate that Oneness to one and establish a system, theory, instead of establishing a process.... A person who establishes a process for you to have that same experience is an "Enlightened Being". A person who establishes a system is a "Religious Leader". A person who establishes a theory is a "Philosopher". When the system or theory is getting established to reach that Oneness, if you try to equate that Oneness to one, then the problem starts. Today I will try to expand on the process of Oneness. Look into you and see whatever patterns, whatever ideas, whatever thoughts brings conflict into you, does not allow the experience of Oneness in you, start completing with that. Listen! I am establishing the process for Oneness. May be, next few days, I will go on expanding on it. Sit and go on penning down the patterns which make you move away from the original Oneness space, restful awareness, the state for which you are yearning without even knowing for which you are yearning, understand? In all of us, there is a yearning for a certain state. Without even knowing for what we are yearning, we go on yearning. Sometimes we think, because the yearning was very deep, we think we are yearning for money, or we think we yearn for just physical satisfaction. Sometimes we get scared and go crazy about that yearning. I use the word "scrazy". You just get scared what for you are yearning, and go crazy about why you are yearning, what for you are yearning.

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