Our Biggest Delusion in Life

August 29, 2014


In today’s (28th August, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda continued to expand on how completion brings you clarity about you and about who your enemy is. The idea that there is something other than you is delusion. It is your enmity that creates you and other. It is your fear of suffering that is torturing you. Complete with that fear and it will melt away. When enmity is completed your enemy becomes powerless. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today, Samskaara Dahana Kriya! Tomorrow we will have Root Pattern. I wanted, today, all over the world, all the devotees, disciples, everyone to do Samskaara Dahana Kriya. I already initiated the process of doing Samskaara Dahana Kriya for the last few days till the next forty-eight days. Now, especially today, I wanted all over the world all the devotees, disciples to do Samskaara Dahana Kriya. I will continue to expand on the same subject I was expanding on yesterday how Completion makes you experience, makes you feel clearly about what you are, who is your opponent, where is the enmity happening, the reason for enmity. Please understand, the BIGGEST DELUSION you need to handle in life is THERE IS SOMETHING OTHER THAN YOU Everything which exists is you! If you feel there is something other than you, that is delusion. Handling the delusion is very important. For that you need to know what or whom you feel as other than you, and why you feel that or them as other than you Please understand, if a bamboo is thrown in the Ganga, and that bamboo is floating, it seems, it looks like Ganga has become two now right side, left side. But Ganga never became two. The bamboo makes Ganga look like two. It is always your enmity that makes your conscious Ganga to look like "you" and "other'. Listen! So, if you do Completion deeper and deeper and discover what and who you feel as other, and why you feel as other, whom you feel as your opponent or enemy or other, and why you feel, the whole thing will boil down to your root pattern. Please understand, the whole thing will boil down to your root pattern. Listen! You will be afraid! This is one of the greatest revelations of Advaitha Sathya. When you diagnose why you are afraid of your opponents, your enemies, that reason may be you are afraid they may snatch all your wealth, you are afraid they may kill you, you are afraid they may put you in prison, you are afraid they may take away all your relationships, your family members, you are afraid they may just take away your mental peace, whatever is the fear you are afraid of listen, it is actually, due to that fear, you will be torturing you more than your enemy torturing you! When you complete with that, the reason for the enmity will melt down. In whose inner-space the reason for enmity has melted down, he is called "Sadhu". Sadhu means, the person in whose inner-space the reason for enmity has melted down, has been completed, the reason for the fears has been completed. I am continuing from yesterday's satsangh I request all the devotees to watch today's and yesterday's satsanghs together; then you will understand how, step by step, simply Completion can lead you to Advaitha Sathya. I know this is going above your head if you are new to satsangh. I am trying to verbalize abstract principles. I am trying to verbalize abstract principles. The more and more your reason for enmity gets completed, the more and more the enemy becomes powerless. Listen! Because, for example, if your enemy knows your wealth getting snatched away is the way you can be tortured, he will do only that. But, suddenly, if you renounce everything and become a Sadhu and sit under a banyan tree, what will happen? Your enemy lost his ground! He cannot do anything! I am telling you, you don't even have to become a Sadhu and sit under a banyan tree. You sit under a banyan tree and do completion with the fear of losing your wealth, that is enough! He cannot torture you anymore! All the tortures you experience through your enmity and enemy can be completed. The Completion does such a powerful thing, such a powerful thing of making your enemy powerless over you. I am never bothered to die. That is why my enemies never try to kill me. Because, they know, even if they kill me, I will assume one more body and come back and do what I need to do! I will become a martyr! The biggest mistake they will do is trying to kill me, because that will make me a martyr. They know whatever I am standing for, the teachings I am giving, everything will become immortal. Suddenly, the whole thing will have a big authentification! Listen! When you don't have reason to cherish your enmity, your enemy loses power over you.

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