Paramahamsa Nithyananda Welcomes Mahamandaleshwar Arjun Puri Ji

March 19, 2014


15th March, 2014 Nithya Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, I wanted to share these great few truths: The power of Creating Space. Please listen! The Power of Creating Space! Especially, to all the participants who have gathered for Kalpataru in Haridwar and in Charlotte.....Haridwar and in Charlotte who have gathered for Kalpataru Darshan.....and Island Creek-North Carolina, both. Please listen! Listen! Never make a decision when you are sad. Never make a commitment when you are happy. Listen! need to know! This is the Science of Space! The happiness you feel always brings powerfulness....the power. Whenever you have power, powerful, parts of you itself cannot tolerate you being so powerful! So it conspires, plans against you to somehow put you in powerlessness. What is the best way to put you in powerlessness? Make you commit into something. Push you to commit into something. So, whenever you are happy, don't commit. Keep this as an instruction from the Science of Space, understand? Whenever you are sad, don't make decisions. Only when you are in the space of Completion, make commitment or make decision. So, before every time you are going to make commitments or decision, bring yourself to the space of Completion -- please listen -- bring yourself to the space of Completion. See, sometimes you feel happy; you show happiness just to even avoid your powerlessness inside. I am explaining your own struggles to keep yourself happy, and your own failures, how you fall into powerlessness. You need to understand. Every one of you try to keep you happy, but you don't plan to grow the happiness in you. You want rice, wheat, all the grains, but you don't want to do agriculture! You want rice, grain, wheat, all the best things, but you don't want to do agriculture! All of you want joy, happiness -- please listen -- but instead of growing it out of Completion space, from the space of Completion, you try to get it.......... (At this point, an honoured guest makes an entry into the satsangh hall.......) I will request every one of you to bear with this interruption. A senior Mahamandaleshwar from Juna Akhada, Arjun Puri Maharaj is coming. We will receive him and then we will continue the satsangh. (Arjun Puri Maharaj enters the satsangh hall and takes his seat.......) Yes....I just wanted to offer our respects to Maharaj Shri Shri 1008 Mahamandaleshwar of Juna Akhada, Shri Arjun Puri Maharaj. You all need to know, Swamiji is the senior-most Mahamandaleshwar in this whole Pancha Puri, Haridwar-Rishikesh. Swamiji is one of the important sadhus of Hinduism. And Swamiji just walked in to be with us! We thank Swamiji for coming and blessing us and gracing us. It is so nice to see him. I am really happy, and I wanted all our devotees and satsanghis to be complete. Don't think that satsangh has been interrupted. You don't know what a blessing it is when these great sants, Mahatmas, walk in just to be with us and spend time and bless us! And Swamiji didn't even bother about any protocol and all that. Usually, among the sants, the way they are received with protocol and all that.....everything is co-ordinated. Swamiji just said, 'I will spend a little time with you all.' He is Head of the largest temple in Haridwar, the Tulsi Manas Mandir. Swamiji is Head of the temple. And he has a great Guru Parampara (lineage of Gurus). And he has done amazing contributions to Hinduism. And I can go on expanding Swamiji's contribution and how much he has contributed and sacrificed for Hinduism! Swamiji has built a huge Rama Temple on the banks of the Ganga. Just on the way you can see. Not only he has a great Guru Parampara and Sampradaya (tradition), he himself has also contributed to Hinduism. I would like to request Swamiji to bless us, and then I will continue the satsangh. I also wanted to take this moment to sincerely welcome Swamiji. And I also apologize to Swamiji....I think we are not completely prepared.....and if we miss the honour and respect supposed to be given to Swamiji, we sincerely apologize. And we sincerely thank him for his presence. And we are grateful to Swamiji for his presence. SWAMIJI SHRI ARJUN PURI JI MAHARAJ ADDRESSES THE GATHERING: Everybody chant with me: Hari Om! Hari Om! Hari Om! (All the satsanghis in Haridwar chant "Hari Om" along with Swamiji Arjun Puri ji.....) Namo Brahmanya Devaaya Go Braahmana Hithaaya Cha | Jagat Hithaaya Krishnaaya Govindaaya Namo Namaha || (Vishnu Purana: 1.19.65)

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