Paramahamsa Nithyananda Welcomes Mahamandaleshwar Vishweshwarananda

March 20, 2014


14th March, 2014 Nithya Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, first, I wanted to request Swamiji to bless us. Then we will continue our morning satsangh. Actually I am talking to you every day! So, let you all listen to Swamiji today! I also welcome all the viewers who are sitting through Sadhna TV, Nithyananda TV, Janashree TV, Eshwar TV, and through two-way video-conferencing..................... SWAMI VISHVESHWARANAND GIRI JI MAHARAJ ADDRESSES THE GATHERING: || Sahanavavathu Sahanoubhunakthu Sahaveeryam Karavavahai Tejasvinaavadheethamasthu Maavidhvishaavahai Om Shanti....Shanti....Shantihi || We are very lucky we are standing in the (vicinity of the) Ganges River, the holy river in Haridwar, we are sitting here with Mahamandaleshwar Swami Nithyananda ji Maharaj. We have very beautiful paramparas. We have tradition of Sanatana Dharma. We are so lucky we can find something -- what you say as "Soul", "Atman". Therefore, all of you here and everywhere in the world listening and watching to Maharaj ji, we have a very good tradition. Maharaj Nithyananda ji met me two years ago in the Suratgiri Bangla. I got the message that some great saint has come here and he wants to meet me. I was sitting in my gaddhi (seat). Swamiji came with a big group of bhaktas, devotees. (audio went mute at this point.......) HERE, VISHVESHWARANAND GIRI JI MAHARAJ NARRATES THE STORY OF HOW SWAMIJI (PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA) MET SHANKAR BABA........... Swamiji, always he was travelling alone. So, the story is, he was not well in Haridwar. He told me, 'I was alone travelling in the Himalayas....'. And, after that, he came to Haridwar. But his body was not good. He had some problems.....diarrhoea. He had diarrhoea. And he could not get up and go for bhiksha (for alms). And some Mahatma (great soul/sadhu) came there. He gave some food, gave some prasadam to Maharaj Nithyananda ji. After a few days, two or three days, Nithyananda ji Maharaj was searching for that Mahatma, 'Where is that Mahatma?' (audio went mute again at this point......) There were so many Mahatmas in Haridwar. Nobody could tell where this Mahatma was. They said they never saw any such person. Still Nithyananda ji was searching for him, 'Who was that Mahatma?' And, I think, Swamiji told me this Mahatma's name was Shankar Baba. He gave his address also. It was Suratgiri Bangla. So Swamiji was searching, searching, and he went to Suratgiri Bangla. Suratgiri Bangla is a beautiful place. Not just is a very powerful space! So many Mahatmas have lived there. And so many Mahatmas they did tapasya (penance/sadhana) in that place. There is a story about this place: Long ago, more than hundred years ago, someone went there and he put the children in one corner. And some Mahatmas were staying in the other corner. When they grew up and they went up there in the jungle, that is Suratgiri Bangla :D . And there were so many Mahatmas staying.....more than hundred Mahatmas were staying there in the Kutiyas (huts/cottages). And that is the place, Suratgiri Bangla. :D Swamiji told me, 'I came here and I saw the same Kamandalu (water pot used by sannyasis) was there, same plate was there in the temple, same xxxxx (pin?) was there on the deity of Shiva!' So he saw this is Shankar....this Shankar Baba! Same cloth! So, who can find this one? One who has a clear heart! Who has darshan of that god? Swayam Shankara! (Shankara himself) So, he (Swamiji) told me that story. We know each other since last few years. We are by physical body we know each other since two years. We have contact, we have relations since so many many years! Because, body is coming and going -- birth and death! But, the Soul, Atman is continuously travelling! We are trying to find where is God, what is our Self. So, he (Swamiji) was also searching. And he searched....and he found! Because, now he is doing some work for this Earth, this universe. In the universe, many people, they do not know what is our actual destination. What we have to do, what we are doing, they do not know! They just know that, 'We are born in some family, some caste, somewhere.' They do not know what we are. What is Brahman? Who controls all this universe or the Brahmaand (macrocosm)? And we are still searching for it. Swamiji, just he is not a sannyasi or Mahatma just in this birth! He is travelling continuously, doing sadhana. Since a long time he is doing this sadhana. And now, this time, he has some duty. What is the duty? He has everything (that one could wish for)! He has everything!

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