Paramahamsa Nithyananda Welcomes Mahant of Kashi Annapoorna Temple

April 8, 2014


In today’s (7th April, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda welcomes Mahant Sri Sri Rameshwar Puriji Mahraj and Acharya Sri Dr. Ramnarayan Dwivedi of Kashi Annapoorna Temple, Varanasi. Mahant Sri Rameshwari Puriji Maharaj blesses devotees and viewers from around the world. He speaks about Kashi (Varanasi) and how souls finally reach human birth to attain liberation. Acharya Sri Dr. Ramnarayan Dwivedi also describes the states of yoga and that liberation can be achieved only with the Grace of the Master. TRANSCRIPT Today we have an esteemed, honoured, revered guest with us -- Swamiji Shri Shri Rameshwar Puriji Maharaj, the Mahant of the Shri Kashi Anapoorna Temple. Kashi Annapoorna Temple is the oldest temple in Kashi. There is a tradition that Annapoorni came to Kashi first; only then Mahadeva, Vishwanatha came to receive bhiksha (alms) from Annapoorni. So, today, the Mahant of the Kashi Annapoorna Temple, Shri Shri Rameshwara Puriji Maharaj is here to bless us and grace all of us. And, Swamiji does a lot of social work like free Old Age Home, free Anna Dhaan in the Kashi Annapoorna Temple. Swamiji does free Anna Dhan, so many free activities, social services. And, Pujananda will introduce all the social service activities that Swamiji does. Before that, on behalf of me and Dhyanapeetam, I personally wanted to invite Shri Rameshwar Puriji Maharaj and Shri Ramnarayan Dwivedi ji, Acharya of the Annapoorna Temple. I invite both of them to be here on behalf of me and on behalf of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. --------------------- Pujananda Maharaj gives a brief about the social service activites of Mahant Shri Rameshwar Puri ji Maharaj: Kashi Annapoorna Trust is running many services here in Kashi. One of them is to offer free Anna Dhaan to thousands of people every day. They are running a free Vedic School where Sanskrit studies are being conducted. They are running an Old Age Home for people to leave their body in the Kashi Kshetra. They are providing all the sixteen Hindu rites to be performed in the temple in Kashi. They are running Information Service Centre. And they are conducting Ganga Arathi every day at Lalitha Ghat. They are running Kashi Nivas for old people to come and stay during the last stage of their life. They are running a free Employment Agency for the unemployed youth. They are conducting free marriages for couples every year in hundreds. They are running free medical services at three places in Kashi. They are providing free tailoring services for women and unemployed youth. They are also running free orphanages. All these social services are being run by the Kashi Annapoorna Trust. --------------------- Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda: So, with this, I wanted to invite Maharaj ji. Maharaj ji will share a few words and bless all of us. After that Shri Ramnarayan Dwivedi ji will share some of his thoughts. Then we will have translation by Pujananda. --------------------- Pujananda Maharaj: Now they (Mahant Shri Rameshwari Puriji Maharaj and Acharya Dr. Ramnarayan Dwivedi ji) will be receiving Swamiji. And they have brought from the Annapoorna Temple the Prasad of Matha Annapoorna Devi which they are going to offer to Swamiji. And the saree they are offering to Swamiji has been offered to Annapoorna Devi. It has come from the Annapoorna Temple. And, on behalf of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, Swamiji is offering respects to Mahant Shri Rameshwar Puri ji and Acharya Shri Ramnarayan Dwivedi ji. --------------- Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda: We will now have our satsangh, morning satsangh. And, we request Swamiji Shri Shri Rameshwar Puri Ji Maharaj to bless us, grace us. --------------- Pujananda Maharaj translates Shri Shri Rameshwar Puri ji's address: Pujananda Maharaj: His Holiness Shri Rameshwar Puriji has given a scintillating talk. A brief of that talk is just translated. "Of all the three lokas (worlds), Kashi is above all the three (superior to all the three). Kashi does not belong to Planet Earth. In Garuda Purana it is said, when a person leaves the body, Lord Vishwanatha gives the Taraka Mantra, and with the Taraka Mantra his liberation happens. For that purpose, thousands of people come to Kashi to live the last period of their life here, and Matha Annapoorna Devi takes care of everybody who lives here. And Mother always takes care that everybody is fed in Kashi in whichever Kshetra they live. A soul, after passing through many wombs, finally reaches a human womb and takes birth as a human-being and achieves liberation by following the path. And the path which is explained by Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda to thousands of devotees is the path for achieving liberation.

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